Monday, September 24, 2007

Just another day in the neighborhood...

These are pictures taken yesterday. Both Bishop and Shayden LOVE to be outside...LOVE IT! I don't know what we will do when it gets cold. Shayden literally walks to the front door & CRIES to go outside. Bishop loves to drive his jeep and even though she looks scared in the picture, she loves to ride with him. We strap her in good and off they go! It is SO hilarious. Bishop actually stopped and got out to rebuckle her in one day....such a GREAT big brother!

They are both changing so much. Shayden isn't a baby anymore & Bishop is a big boy these days. School has made such a difference in him...he has matured SO much in the last month. He still loves school & his teacher. He doesn't even mind homework. I had to pick him up early to take Shayden to the doctor & he cried...he did NOT want to leave! He is learning to write and is doing a GREAT job. Shayden is just getting too big. She no longer has that baby face...she looks like a toddler. *sniffle* That is hard...she is still very much a diva. She knows what she wants & she knows how to get it. She is picking up on a few words....her newest words are: please, thank you, Papa, JenJen. My only concern is that her new favorite hobby is throwing her babydoll on the floor and stepping in her belly & then giggling. I would consider counseling if the baby didn't squeal when she did it but I think that is where her glee comes from...making the baby make a sound. I hope that is the case...:)

I was going to upload a bunch of pictures but my computer is being SLOW. I did get them on myspace so if you want to see pics from homecoming & the jeep on the "Shana @ Myspace link" and then click on "pics"...there is an album labeled Homecoming. And if you need help with a mum, me...I have discovered a new talent:)!!!