Thursday, May 25, 2006

Goofy Goats

I must admit that goats are unconventional pets. They make my yard smell like a barnyard, they use the bathroom EVERYWHERE, and they are always managing to get stuck places they shouldn't be. All of that aside...they are really humerous to have:)!! Brad is outside mowing so I send Bish out to go play. As soon as Bishop steps out of the back door...all three goats come running!! He is the one who feeds them everynight so they follow him around like he is a god:)!! He has this new obsession with trying to lift them off their feet...I am not sure why. He is always telling me that they are "HEAVY, mom!"All of the goats have developed more & more of a personality. The original goat, Lady, is still a BIG chicken. She does NOT like to be touched or get to close to anyone...but she is as cute as can be. She does not have any horns at all...we wonder about! Tinkerbell is actually pretty sweet now...she HAS to be on top of something. The dog house or a chair....she wants to stand tall!! She loves to be petted & just loves Bish! Tammy has become quite a little stinker. She is still a little love bug but she is ORNERY!! She has decided that she doesn't like Shadow & makes this known often. She will rear back on her hind legs & then drop down to all four, lower her head & try to butt Shadow. She does this to NO ONE else....just Shadow:)!! She is also the one that likes to get herself stuck where she doesn't belong. Brad had to rescue her this morning...she was stuck between the dog house & the telling how long she had been there...silly goat!!They are all goofy but I must admit that they are good for some laughs. Tinkerbell & Tammy would like to be house goats...they try to just follow Shelah inside!! So...there is your laugh for the day...the Bakers & their pets....:)****Brad update**** He had his surgery and everything went well. He is sleeping off his medication as we speak...he was a real trooper!! I stayed with him but it was hard...even knowing he wasn't in too much pain but knowing that he was uncomfortable was hard. Thank you for the prayers!!!
And they're off!! When Bishop appears...they follow:)!! Posted by Picasa
They follow him everywhere like this...just in case he has food:)!! Posted by Picasa
I can't pose long, Mom, they will eat my clothes:) Posted by Picasa
Finally, everyone gets to eat! Bishop is a very good "daddy"...he makes sure & spreads the food around the bowl so that everyone gets a fair shot at it:)!! Posted by Picasa
Bishop pretending to be a Power Ranger...he ASKED me to take this picture:)
 Posted by Picasa
Riding his little tricycle in the front yard! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Due Date Update

Who knew that a scheduled c-section could cause this much drama?!?! It is supposed to be easier to PLAN a birth! I called the doctor's office yesterday morning & they told me that it WAS scheduled for the ninth & they couldn't understand why I was confused. I gave up on getting a straight answer from the office & called the office myself. The c-section IS on for June 9th!! WHEW!! We can keep all of our plans the way they are.

It has been a busy week. We had to go to the doctor on Monday & I already blogged about what a nightmare that was. Yesterday we went swimming with a friend of mine & today we went to Small Fry & went swimming with a whole group of friends. He is now sacked out on the couch & I should go lay down too!! Keep us in your prayers as the due date nears!!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Can't you just FEEL the love?!?!?:) Posted by Picasa
Bishop's new hairdo:)! Sorry Gammy.... Posted by Picasa
The rabbit that lives in our yard must have had babies...Brad somehow caught one:)!! Posted by Picasa

Will this pregnancy EVER end?!?!

We had another doctor's appointment yesterday. Shayden's report was good...her heartrate was 160 & she was moving around like crazy. That was about the only thing good that came from that office. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE!! I dread going to the doctor because mine has been so difficult. I would switch but it would totally screw up my insurance so I am stuck with an insensitive, way too busy OB....LOVELY!! First, we had to wait for OVER an hour to even get to a times with a three year old. Then we went to the back to check my weight :( & proceed to wait for 30 more minutes (at least Bish was confined to a room at this point.) The doctor came in to check on things & then siad thanks & started to walk out. I was like, "I have questions." She made a big production that it was a HUGE inconvenience to take the time but sat back down. I asked her about the section & she rudely answered my questions. At that point, she discovered a little sticky note in my file that said...NO JUNE 9th!! I don't have a date scheduled. We had planned everything around the 9th....Tammy's plans, Brad's vacation & now it is all screwed up. She informed me that she had no idea why we couldn't do that but they would reschedule & CALL ME!! HUh?!?!? Do I get a say about it?!? I kept it together until we got to the car...then I fell apart. I couldn't even go to the bank because I couldn't stop crying. These are all very bearable things if you aren't nine months pregnant but this far was more than I could take. I am going to call the office this morning & give them the opportunity to figure it all out & then I will have Brad call & deal with it. He is NOT happy because it screws up his work schedule really bad!
The most important thing is that Shayden seems to be healthy & I know that...I would just sleep better at night knowing when she is coming. Knowing that this pregnancy WILL end!!! Yesterday was a yucky day but Bishop's smiles made things better...I am posting some pics of his new haircut...sorry Gammy:)!! Today will be better...we are going swimming with friends...well, better for us...I don't know about those seeing me in a swimsuit:)!! Happy Tuesday!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

I warned people that this is what they will see when they pull up now....:) Welcome to my redneck life:)!!! Posted by Picasa
The newest baby in the circle of friends...Chase Williams (& his mommy LaShawn:)!! That is 2 down & 5 to go:)!! Posted by Picasa
GOTTA have the BUZZ LIGHTYEAR swimtrunks:) Posted by Picasa
Hi mom:)!!! Posted by Picasa
Time to bounce in the bounce house:)! Posted by Picasa
Bishop meeting his new cousin, Micah:)! Posted by Picasa


School's out for summer...YEAH!!!! I am so glad to have a small break before Shayden comes!!! I will miss the paychecks but I NEED the rest!!! Things are pretty much the same around here. Just getting anxious about the new arrival. Brad DID get second place in a golf tournament with his boss yesterday...that is pretty exciting. They were robbed of a trophy but they know they won:)!! We are pretty boring right excitement comes with a good night's sleep...:)!

We did have an exciting Thursday. Brad's cousin, Scott & his family came & stayed with us. He & Amelia just adopted a baby, Micah, from Guatamala. WHAT A DOLL!!!! He is too cute & was VERY happy & calm. Bishop loved him & decided that he wanted to keep him:)!! I wish they lived closer!!!

We had a Splash Day for the last day of school & Bishop LOVED it!!! He would climb to the top of the water slide & wait impatiently for his teacher to send him flying to the end where he would smash into the wall at 80 miles an hour & just LOVE IT!!! Looked painful to me...but he was ALL smiles:)! The pictures above this post are random things in the past week or so:)!!

We will be relaxing today...hope everyone has a GREAT week!!!
Anticipation....:) Posted by Picasa
Bish & his friend Grayson get ready to do down the WATERSLIDE:)! Posted by Picasa
A look of terror.... Posted by Picasa
That's better.....:) Posted by Picasa
Boy...that was fun!! Posted by Picasa
Strike a pose at the end:)!! Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 12, 2006

FEEDING TIME:)! Bish feeds HIS goats everyday...he takes the can & shakes it & they come running! Posted by Picasa
This is just a close up for Tammy to see her namesake:)! Tammy the goat has one brown spot...that is how you tell them apart...& I must say...I am biased. Since she got injured...she has become MY goat...I have grown attatched!! Posted by Picasa
Bishop REALLY likes the goats!!! He wanted his picture with them! Posted by Picasa
These are the Waggoner Ranch Twins:)! Tinkerbell is on the left & Tammy is on the right. They look a lot alike but have very differents personalities. Tammy is very sweet & loving & LOVES attention...Tink is a little more skittish & wants attention when Tammy is hogging it. If you ever pull up in the driveway & see a goat over the will be Tinkerbell...she is ALWAYS standing on the doghouse! (I left Shadow in again for size...these are a bit taller then Lady.) Posted by Picasa