Monday, June 15, 2009


"We all have two choices. We can resist change and be
miserable or we can embrace it and live. If you hold
on the past, the past will hold on to you. But if you
hold on to God, he will lead you into the future to
embrace the abundant life he planned for you all
So where ever you are in life , whatever you are
experiencing cling to the One who is Lord over all
defining moments." Rick Owen, Pastor, St. Matthew Cumberland Presbytarian Church

I am sure most of you have seen this skit before but it is worth seeing again...

It is a great reminder of just how amazing Christ's love is for each of one is left out. I love that it shows how we get seperated from things, people, situations make us lose sight of what is truly important. I did that...during my many things pulled me away from him...but he is always there...ready to fight for me. We had a theatrical group from Tennesse come visit our church and do this live...very amazing. They also did a skit about an interview at"The Gates" that was very eye opening. It wasn't the gates of Heaven or was the gate of mortality...very interesting but I am having trouble finding anything like it to post.

Jus thought I would share...we are all too busy sometimes...I like to be reminded that I am NEVER too busy...

Monday, June 08, 2009

Things I learned at a water park...

1) Women's swimwear is a disaster. Why have swimsuit manufacturer's failed to realize that women's suits need SUPPORT?! We spend WAY too much on bra's that lift and support and keep in place...why can't swimsuits provide a little of that?? Call me crazy but we need a little MORE support when swimming, running after toddlers, and laying out in the sun. GET WITH IT designers! There are a FEW companies that offer suits that offer good swimwear but by looking around the room...not enough:)

2) Waterparks are doubt about it. So fun that we forget how awful we But chasing around 2 kids at a waterpark...I may never recover.

3) I got to go down to the lobby with Shayden for storytime. (With a wolf named Wiley which I think is silly because Wiley was a coyote but that isn't the point.) It was perfect. The story was okay, the show they provide is mediocre at best...but looking around the room at 200 sleepy eyed toddlers with their mommies...that was priceless. Working at a midde school allows you to see very little innocence...that room was full of innocence. It overwhelmed to the point of tears. The world needs to find a way back to that...

4) Completely contradictory to that...I saw 13 year old girls walking around in bikini's that left little to the imagination and fake "tramp stamp" tattoos on their back. What happens between 6 and 12 and how do I keep my daughter from falling into that trap? I know she will test the waters and want to grow up but come on...why do tweens want to be SO sexy?? I despise the media and pop stars for making that the norm. And I despise parents for falling into the trap and accepting it. UGH

5) Great Wolf Lodge is worth the money. When you are booking it and see how much it silently (or NOT so silently:) wonder if that is a bit extravagent for one night. IT IS. Hands down...without a doubt. Go as a spend two days with nothing but family activities in a hotel aimed at laundry, no bills hanging over your head, nothing but precious time together...these memories will last a lifetime.

We had a blast...I will post pics as soon as I get them uploaded...

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Graduation Day...

Thanking Mommy...after all...I DID give him life:)
Bishop quote of the day : "Everyone fell down today because I am so beautiful." He was

He WAS the best dressed...showed up all the kids in his shirt and tie...which he BEGGED to wear!

His standard pose...wonder how he become such a poser:)
Today was a first of many was very special. He looked adorable and it was just really cool to be a part of it. I am very proud...he got all kinds of awards...reading, math, computers. His teacher was amazing. I am nervous about first grade...tests, and AR, and TEKS...oh my!!!
I did get a little teary...he is almost 7 and Shay turns 3 next week...where does time go??