Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A little Texas charm....

Bishop came to my bed around 7 this morning to wake me up. I convinced him to climb in for a little bit. I have been talking to him about Thanksgiving a little the last few days so he will know what is going on. So this morning I said, "Can you say 'Happy Thanksgiving?'" and he replied...................................................................
"Happy Thanksgiven'"

He is already showing the world that he is a true Texan?!?!?!?!?

Have a great holiday everyone!!!! Happy Thanksgiven!!!!:)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Is it really almost Thanksgiving?!?!?!? I cannot believe that it is THURSDAY! It just snuck up this year. That means Christmas will follow!? How is another year already almost over?

I am not as excited about Thanksgiving....I mean I am excited to see everyone & of course, being pregos....I am VERY excited about all the food:) but we are having it here this year. We usually all load up & go to my grandparents, & to our farm. I LOVE our farm & I love my grandparenst home....something about it will ALWAYS be home! I guess that it is the the one place that has remained constant in my grandparents have not moved since 1969. We have moved numerous times & my parents home will always be another "home" but not like Altus. I pull into town & am just taken back....I almost breath a sigh of relief when we hit the city is a GREAT feeling. All of my family is there & my fav places to eat & be. I love going to the resevoir to feed the ducks & taking Bishop to the park. I could go on...I am just a little sad that we are doing it here this year, that's all. But we will be HOME for Christmas...yea!!!

So....I guess I got off topic a little bit...I miss home:)!! I am just amazed that is is Thanksgiving. I am decorated for Christmas already so I guess my little brain just forgot about it. I think I am supposed to make devil eggs...I always do those. And I make them funny colors so people will be scared to eat them. My mother threatened me this year though....NO COLORS!! We'll see...............:)

Well alrighty friends....I guess HAPPY THANKSGIVING is in order. I hope that everyone has safe travels & a wonderful holiday!! We have much to be thankful for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Psycho Dog

I am blogging tonight about our husky. I think she is NUTS!!! We inherited her from a family that didn't want was either we take her or she would have been turned loose in another neighborhood...great people, huh? So we took her & she is a GREAT dog. She is VERY laid back & quiet & for a long time we thought she had NO personality. She sometimes forgets she has legs. After a few months of coming inside, she was put outside to be with Shaggy. (Shaggy would get upset when she came in so we stopped letting her come in.) Now that she is alone outside, we have begun to let her back in. For a few days she was the same old Shelah. Then a spark began to show in her eyes. She began to prance & walk around a little. And then one night she did the unthinkable...she began to RUN!!! Bishop & Shadow were running back & forth from the living room to the den & she began to follow. It was amazing. Brad came out & we watched in amazement as she began to run circles around the couch & table....who was this dog?!?!? She was careful not to run over Bish but was VERy fast. She has also begun to play with Shadow. Shadow is not quite sure of this seeing as her paw is as big as his head:)! He doesn't get mad...but he does let her know that he is NOT interested. Fast forward to tonight.................
Brad walked into the den & said, "Shelah, ya wanna go outside?" She RAN from the living room into the den UNDER the Christmas tree & sat there a full minute. WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?!?!?! I guess she didn't want to go outside:)! She finally got up (before we could get a picture) & ran & jumped on the couch. She is not allowed on the furniture so she was told to get she did. And then jumped into mY chair in to MY lap?!?!?!? PSYCHO DOG!!! She got down quickly but then ran to the couch in the living room where she laid quietly until someone discovered her breaking the rules. I feel like I have 2 kids already:) Two ornery ones. We are glad that she is feeling more at home & developing a personality...she is something else:)!

Speaking of is normal for a three year old to have a screaming fit & then after he has calmed down to be a sweet little boy?! It is an interesting phenomonon I am encountering & I hope it is normal?!?!?!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bishop enjoying his first bowl of Miso soup:)!! YUM! Posted by Picasa

Bishop & Kiki being silly! Posted by Picasa

"That's it Daddy....don't be scared. You can do it!!:)" Posted by Picasa

The boys hanging out at the mall..that's Brad's dad on the left! Posted by Picasa


I just realized how bad I have been neglecting our blog. It was a busy week...Brad's sister, Kim, was here visiting & so we were out of our routine & busy, busy, busy. But FUN busy:)! Bishop loved having his "Kiki" here & so did I. She was a BIG help...she cooked & baked & it was nice to have someone around to hang out with. We REALLY wish that we could all live closer together!!!
It was a busy week but an even busier weekend. THREE Birthday Betsy, Mom & Rick!! Friday was my cousin Betsy's 31st birthday. I didn't get to see her turn ANOTHER year older:)! On Saturday we drove to Wichita Falls to see Brad's dad for his 54th birthday. That was fun & that is where the pictures were taken. After we ate lunch & did some shopping, we took Bish to Lucy park to play. He has a blast playing & getting to see his Papa Rick. On Sunday we had to take Kiki to the airport so she could go home:( & then meet my parents for lunch because it was her birthday!! 29th, right mom?!?!?:) Bishop didn't know what to think about all these birthdays. It was fun though.
Yesterday came & went....we had TOO many errands to run. I was SO tired when we got home & I am exhausted today. We sould be at school right now but Bishop isn't feeling 100% so we decided to keep him home today. I wouldn't say he is sick but I am keeping him medicated & calm today so maybe he will get better instead of's hoping:)! (And praying:)!!!)
I better run...since I AM home, I need to do laundry & pick up the house....after my nap:)!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


158 is one of our new favorite is the heartrate of our new little one. We went to the doctor on Monday for a second sonogram & we got to see the baby. It is REALLY small & the only thing you can distinguish at this point is that it has a head & a body. But that was enough for us....I think we finally "feel" pregnant. I mean we KNEW in our heads that I was pregnant...I have been sick & SO tired but it was hard to feel it in our hearts without seeing it since from day one with Bishop we could see a WHOLE baby. During this sonogram we were actually able to HEAR the heartbeat on the sonogram was a BEAUTIFUL sound. It was like a weight was lifted. Bishop didn't get to go in this time so when we walked out I showed him the new pictures of the baby. He looked at the blurry images & looked at me & said, "that's not MY baby:)." I think he is worried his baby will have no face. He is still excited though. He even drug out the baby that he has not even looked at in many many months & began to hold her. We wrapped her in a blanket & he showed ME how to rock a baby. It has been fun watching him try to figure it all out.
So...our family is growing. We are very excited and a little apprehensive too. I know that we have enough love in our hearts for 15 kids but do we have enough patience for even just 2:)?!?! I know that it will be wonderful...I know that Bishop will be a GREAT big brother...he may ornery but he is the sweetest little boy on the planet. He wants his new baby to sleep with him & he says he is ready to share his toys & his Shadow & even his Nana & Papa. I know Brad is a great dad & he is ready to take the time to do the baby thing. I worry about my time & commitments & how good I will be with is already a LOT:)!!! I know that God gave us this child for a reason...he gave us Bishop & we weren't sure what to do with him either:). We prayed about trying & before we could we had a baby on the way. God has a plan & I am excited to watch it unfold. God is awesome!! Ok...I am EXAUSTED so I am going to bed.....HAVE A GReAT WEDNESDAY....the week is half over:)!!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Christmas already?!?!?!

I'm sure most of you noticed that another weekend has come & gone. They are really seeming too short these days. Brad was gone hunting all weekend & all we did was hang out at mom's but it sure was fun. Dad is a GREAT papa...I think he entertained Bishop most of the was a NICE break for me. They went & did the Home Depot thing & went to the park & played cars in the driveway. This allowed mom & I time to go shopping ALONE....what a nice change:)! We went to Sam's Friday night & that was an adventure. We went to garage sales on Saturday but didn't find much & of course found NO maternity clothes since I actually need them:). That is the way garage sales work. Then Saturday afternoon we did the unthinkable....we wrapped Christmas presents?!??! Yes, we are both halfway done with our Christmas shopping & decided to go ahead & wrap what we have so my grandparents can take them home at Thanksgiving. We always have trouble getting everything to Oklahoma so we figured this would save space. It was actually really fun but a little disappointing since it isn't actually time to get all festive. I am ready...I just LOVE Christmas....the lights, the music, the JOY of Christ!!!!! Today we went to church which is always wonderful & then went maternity clothes shopping. I don't really enjoy that....not much fun to buy clothes that make you look BIGGER but necessary just the same. I am already having trouble fitting into my pants...sad, I know...I am only 7 weeks. The really sad part is that I have only gained a pound & a half ...what is that about?!?!?! Oh well...I just have to keep focused on the end result. We have a doctor appointment tomorrow at 10...please pray that all is well. I am 7 weeks so we should be able to see the baby now. For some reason I am really nervous about this...I guess because we didn't have to go through all of this with Bishop. He will be most upset that we have to go back to mommy's doctor AGAIN...he thinks I go WAY too often:)! Boy will he hate the last month:)!

Well, I better hunter is home. I need to go see his new treasure but I will let him blog about "it"!!
More tomorrow......Happy Sunday friends:)!!

"...with GOD all things are possible." Matthew 19:26

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween, Halloween, TRICK OR TREAT!

How many costumes can we meet? Sorry...that makes since to NO one else but that is what Dora sings on the Halloween episode. We took Bishop trick-or-treating again last night at Grapevine Mills mall. That seems safer to dark streets, no bad weather, & I feel better about candy that comes from a store than a stranger in a random house. If a mall near you has this event, I HIGHLY recommend it. We had a GREAT time. We got to meet up with one of my oldest friends in the world, Shawnee (Frazzled Mom blog;) & her two boys, Austin & Brody & we all went trick-or-treating together!! The boys had so much fun (& so did we!!) Afterwards we went & ate at the Rainforest in a costume ate free!! Who could resist?! This was the first time since she moved down here that we have been able to get together which is SILLY!! So...a wonderful time was had by all. She is also pregnant along with another of my girlfriends, is crazy that we are all pregos together...Jenn is due May 1, Shawnee May 10, & me June 20. Don't drink the water down here:)!

Today has been a fairly uneventful day. Bishop has hit his terror hour (for those unfamiliar with three year olds...he does GREAT all day & then for about 30 minutes to an hour of each day, he becomes a monster:)! We are there right now & I have him locked in his room. He decided it would be appropriate to take his diaper off and pee all over the floor. So, he has been banished for a few minutes. Brad came home & disappeared to the Barbie room to do homework. I know it must be done but he didn't even get to have dinner that for once I cooked ..& I am tired so I am ready for school to be DONE!! So...that is all that is new. We did get Shelah a new brush so she is looking better. Wow...we are exciting!!

Alright....nothing else to say. Lyndon & Mandy....CONGRATS!!!!!!! Hope you guys get some sleep:)!!