Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A little political...

US POSTAL SERVICE ISSUES RECALL July 26, 2007 8: 10 AM AP Washington , D.C.

The US Postal Service has issued a recall of a stamp they created with a picture of now U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton to honor her achievements while serving as the First Lady of our nation. The problem was discovered when claims had been made that the stamp was not sticking to envelopes, and that mail which had been sent using the "Hillary" postage was not being delivered. Senator Clinton demanded a full investigation into the allegations. A special Postal Service Investigation team was formed and after several months and millions of dollars spent, made the following findings :

*The stamp was manufactured properly.
*There was nothing wrong with the adhesive.
*People were just spitting on the wrong side.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Mini Van Mama

I don't think I make a great mini van mom. Stop right there. What was the stereotype that came to mind when you read the words, "mini van?" You saw polyester blends, no makeup, and bad music didn't you? And you would expect me to tell you my kid is perfect. Well, I don't fall into that. I wear trendy clothes, I wear make up, AND I listen to Loudacris & Lynard Skynard on my radio. And I am here to tell you my kids are FAR from perfect...I just love them anyways. The point is...I was not meant to drive a mini van because the other mini van mom in the carpool line CANNOT understand where to pull up to. I beat her there today because I had donuts for Bishop's class (see...I rock:)! I pulled ALL the way around just like the SIGN SAYS! She showed up and pulled half way around & stopped...she didn't even pull up behind my car. WTF?!?!?!
I think I forgot to mention on my blog that the other day I was having a rough day. The day my wallet went missing. Minivan mom on a power trip was doing like normal & not pulling around. I got out of my car & asked her to move....I was nice, but I told her we were supposed to pull ALL the way around...just like the sign says:). Apparantly it did no good....
Mini van moms have clean cars...mine is a DISASTER. Mini van moms don't jam to vanilla ice just to watch their one year old dance in the backseat. I just don't fit in & I am afraid I never will...
Guess I'll have to get a hummer...:)
Just kidding...

Monday, October 22, 2007


Um...did I miss something? Like the leaves changing & nice, crisp BEAUTIFUL weather. Nice days that required a jacket but not a winter coat?!?! SHEESH! It went from cool to COLD.....brrrrrrrrrrrrr! I had two tell me that they were SO happy about this. I am not...I do not have any cute jeans yet. I do not have many long sleeve shirts that I am excited about. And what about shoes...I like FlipFlops. And the hour that my kids spent outside will now be spent inside.....SCARE BEAR. :( was a crazy day. I lost my wallet...or we don't know what happened to it. I had it yesterday at the fair and now it is gone. 2 debit cards, account numbers, 3 social security cards. reciepts, a check that needed to be cashed....the list goes on. Sucks. Did I mention it was a COACH wallet. SUCKS DOUBLE! But...I had a phone call that put that in perspective and that is also a BIG prayer request...I found out that one of my closest friends father passed away last week. Most of you know Rebecca. It ws all very sudden and unexpected so she is still in shock. Please pray for her & her family...they are having a really rough time.
Thanks guys....bundle up tomorrow!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Life in living color...

WHOO HOO!!! We painted today...or rather my father, husband, and mother in law painted today. (My mom was a slave driver and helped me clean my house...she rocks too.) I LOVE IT!!! I am not even going to tell you the just have to come see it:)! We painted an accent wall in the living room & finally covered up the AWFUL paint on the inserts in the stairs. We painted our bedroom & bathroom & even a wall in the den!!! IT is BEAutiful:)! SO, thank you to my wonderful, seXy, hard working super hot, perfectionist MIL, and my fabulous painting pro daddy for working your tails off to make our house look more like a home;)! I guess we will have to have a house warming party now...:)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm a believer....I'm in LOVE....HEY

We went to church tonight which is something that we have neglected. I have many excuses & they are just that....excuses. We need to get on the ball and find a church closer to our home but alas if we aren't going to do that we just need to get our butts to we did:). Something that I have realized in the last few months is that people are becoming SO busy that we forget that we are here for a bigger purpose. Work is necessary...but people just seem so involved in SO many things. Most churches don't even have Wed evening activities for kids anymore because people are just too busy. Too busy for God?!?! I am looking for a church that will get us involved there....children activities, sports. I want our lives to be centered and focused around CHRIST. Not football on M-F and dance on T, TH, S...I definitely see a place for all of these things but these things should not be consuming our childrens every waking moment outside of school. WHEW....I will step down now but that is just how I feel & I am tired of apoligizing for it. That is what I belive. My son will play sports in the spring but it will not consume all of his time ( Please no hate mail...I am not knocking anyone on this...activities are important & I encourage them...some people just take it a bit far!) . And we will STILL have dinner together!!!
Our preacher preached about God...shocker, I know;)! But he reminded us that God never leaves anything incomplete...he ALWAYS finishes what he started. When we are in the middle of trials & tragedy...we can't see the finish line but he does. After it is all over we look back and say...OH, I get it. So this is for my friends who are hurting right now. You are NOT in a sinking ship...and it is okay if you panic...God has the paddles & he is rowing to shore & He can do it without you. He can do it without me...we are right there with ya:). But in 6, 8 months...maybe even a year...we will all look back & say, Gosh God rocks. He NEVER quits:)! I love you dearly my friends....
AH...sappy, huh? Well, I needed to say all of that. I am going to try to start an interesting new ministry...thanks Shawnee. Your goofiness has inspired me:)!
Have a FAB evening:)! HUGS!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

If you don't find this amusing, then you don't have a husband. Or you have a perfect husband who never annoys you in which case you must drink...a LOT:)! Anyways...I have found us Halloween costumes, girlies!!! We will ALL be desperate housewives. I have it planned...we don't need to buy a thing...we ARE the costume:)! Who knew a tv show could make our jobs seem so seXy & appealing?! I can't wait...:)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


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There should be a drug that cures stress....

OH...that's right, there's called ALCOHOL:). But partaking in it everytime you feel a little stressed would get you labled a "problem."
What do YOU do to destress...I mean, I know the main things...pray (believe me I have done that), how showers, crying...anything else I should know about because I can't sleep at night. I KNOW in my heart that things will be fine...I KNOW this....but convincing my head what my heart knows is just difficult somedays. Money has been an issue but it is quickly becoming a bigger issue. That causes fights & rifts & just all out drama....don't you wish you lived here?!?
Brad's job is stressful...angry, stupid customers, not enough $$, too many hours for me to get a job....ah...the list goes on but I am tired of people thinking I am "playing the victim." I am not out for sympathy...I am just venting. I am praying about our situation & trying to determine what I need to do to help out besides not eating:)...evey little bit helps right?!
There should be a positive to every blog so here is mine....I have had a long day so I am going to go drink a glass of wine...hey, that was a rhyme...hAHA HA HA...I am so funny....

Monday, October 08, 2007

Don't mess with THIS cowboy;)!

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Rule #1....Post to both blogs...CHECK:)!!!

It's official...the blogging challange has begun. Shawnee & I are going to post a blog a day for one month...starting today. Anyone else care to try!?! Hopefully it will help my stress level & I can start sleeping again:)!!! I am also giving up bread as of today. Not all bread products but plain bread...buns, rolls...even the homemade bread my neighbor mad:e:(
For my first blog of the challange I am going to just catch up on a few of the things I have WANTED to blog on but have not had time...
** Shopping with children sucks. Capital S. It is a sure thing that at least one, possibly two, will have a HUGE humiliating melt down. And everyone will stare & you will want to melt into the floor. You swear that you will never do it again but another Monday rolls around & you must & thus begins a pattern that ruins your Monday forever. I will have nightmares about today's shopping trip for AWHILE!!!
** There is NO such thing as customer service anymore. Cashiers are rude, service people ignore is truly sad. It makes me scared to think about how rude people will be in twenty more years.
** Hillary Clinton is a smug wench. I can't stand her...she was on tv the other day spouting off, "When I am president," SCARE BEAR!! Surely America is not that stupid....
** Save the Cupcake...Save the World...
** I have quit watching the nightly news. It is far too depressing. I miss the weather & I actually miss staying caught up on stuff but it seriously makes me depressed to watch it. There is way too much evil & hatred in the world. Let's start passing kindness & love forward, okay?!?!
** My neighbor is making some CUTE barrettes! The little kind that snap shut & hold the hair out of their eyes but they are wrapped in ribbon & have bows....they are FABULOUS! She is selling them for $4.00 a pair & I highly reccommend them! She sells bows too and she momograms anything...
** Shameless plug number 2...Brad is trying to meet a sales goal. If you or anyone you know needs pest control...please call or reference him. He will work with your schedule & he just rocks:)!!!
** Bishop will be FIVE at the end of this month!?!?!?
** Please continue to pray for our troops....they need it!!!!!
** I am done...I better save somthing for tomorrow!!
I LOVE YOU GUYS...seriously....I am passing the love you pass it to someone else!!!