Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

God is AWESOME!!

What a week.'s only Tuesday. Well, what a rough couple of days:)! MOnday was a bad day. The kind nightmares are made of. One of our baby goats died. Yes, died. The one morning Brad does't check on the little buggers & I walk out to discover a VERY sick Buzz Lightyear. He couldn't stand or move...he was barely breathing. It was AWFUL...way more than an 8 month pregnant woman can take. I didn't even WANT the goats but I sure didn't want the thing to die!! I frantically call Brad (who for the first time ACTUALLY answered when he was needed) who came home to acess the situation. His opinion was that it was not good....well, thank you Captain Obvious. The neighbor lady came by & was like...he's not going to make it. GREAT!! I am SUPPOSED to be getting ready to go to the doctor & I am trying to figure out what to do with a dead goat & how to explain to my three year old that his new pet is no longer here. SHEESH! Brad ends up taking care of the situation & Bish & I get ready to go to town. I was worried that God would be upset with us for not trying to get him some help (even though I don't think he could have been helped) but try rationalizing with someone who is 8 months pregnant...ain't happening. I prayed for Buzz & tried to go on but the tears kept coming. Finally, Bish & I were ready so we walked outside to the car. I decided to toss something in the trash on the way & noticed something. Something BEAUTIFUL! There, on our porch, was a huge, gorgeous Monarch butterfly...just sitting there. And not just sitting...I noticed that it was HANGING from it's now empty had just "hatched." I knew that God was telling me to chill out & that he was handling everything & that everything was okay....which I desperatly needed to know. You mom has a thing with butterflies....she says God sends them as a reminder that He is with us & that things will be okay. And there, at a time when I needed it most....God reminded me of His daily miracles & that He was with us....all of us...even Buzz Lightyear. So...God is awesome. He knew two weeks ago when he placed that cacoon on my porch that in two weeks I would desperatly need a sign & that it would be delivered at PRECISELY the right moment....God's amazing love for his children is just so...awesome! To make things even more wonderful...there are NINE more cacoons hanging on my porch...LOVE IT!! Thank you God for your precious miracles & for loving me even at my worst...
Happy Tuesday Friends!!!

Friday, April 21, 2006


Well, I guess I am back to only blogging on Friday's!! It's not like I don't have plenty of things to say or talk about...I just never find the time. I actually have wanted to post some pictures from Easter but I figured out that they are on my mom's memory stick so I can't until Saturday evening. But look forward to it:)! Easter was SO is such a GREAT holiday!! Shawnee & Jason & Austin & Brodie all came to mom's house to go to our church. The service was great....our preacher is not afraid to say what needs to be said. He tends to step on my toes but they need smashing sometimes!!!! Easter Sunday was spent doing NOTHING & it was fabulous! Bish hunted eggs around the house & then we played & relaxed. It has been a bit of a stressful week but things have finally settled down. I am so very tired but will not complain...we are very blessed so I will keep my mouth closed. We do have an eventful weekend planned. Jodi is in town...YEA!! She stopped by last night & hung out for was quite FUNNY, huh, Jo?!?!? Her birthday party is tomorrow so we will go to that & then Mom & Dad will come down Saturday night after church. Dad will help Brad install a new storage building & Mom will help me with the house...we WILL finish the nursery:)!! Today will be spent going to the bank & doing laundry...whoo hoo:)!!! In fact....Sonic beckons so I will close this for now...TGIF friends;)!!

Friday, April 14, 2006

While the cat's away....

Well I think I discovered what Shadow does when no one is around. I knew that he liked to go back to bed when we all leave...I had no idea he made himself at home quite like this! I had bene in the den doing laundry & Bishop had been in his room playing. I finally went back to my room to get something & this is what I discovered. I did NOT cover him up...he was laying just like this. Thankfully he prefers BRAD'S pillow & covers:)! Just wait until Shelah tries it....:)
Not much new in the Baker household. Brad is back in school which makes life more chaotic. But Bishop's school, where I work, will soon be out for summer so that will free up a little time. For a few days anyways...we get out May 18th & Shayden should be here by June 9:). We are getting ready for her arrival slowly. Bishop is SO ready he just can't hardly stand it. He has gotten to where he will take his baby doll into the nursery & swing her in the swing;)!! And I have found her laying in Shayden's crib more than once. He even "taught" Donald how to rock a baby last night:)!! I am ready too...I think. I am ready to not be pregnant...I AM sure of sure I am to have an infant around again...I don't know:)!
Well...I need to go pack. We are going to Mom's for Easter weekend...our church has an amazing Easter service. And other than that & maybe an egg hunt our plan is to do NOTHING!! I can't wait...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Buzz Lightyear is the white one...he will be bigger. We are not sure if we will keep will depend on his attitude I guess;)!! Posted by Picasa

Lady is the little black one..she is a Pygmy cross so she will stay small. Posted by Picasa

Welcome to the Baker Zoo!

I have been wanting to blog about this all week but I have been waiting to get some good pictures. I still haven't gotten GREAT pictures but I will post the two I have. We are now the proud owners of two baby goats. Yes...GOATS!!! Brad has very little spare time these days & with a new baby will have even less so he thought it would be nice if we had some goats to "mow" the backyard. The goats were delivered on Sunday afternoon & the first thing they did was take a bite of should have seen the light shine in Brad's eyes...a proud papa;)! The dogs were NOT excited but seem to be adjusting. The goats are scared to death but they will adjust too....they are slowly venturing out into the yard. If I wasn't so pregnant I would go outside & spend more time with them but as it is...they will ALL figure it out. When Brad opened the crate to show Bishop his Easter present, we asked him what they were? He said, "goats," and then looked at Brad & said, "I really wanted tigers though, Daddy."
So here are the two pictures I have...I will try to get some better ones. They are super cute...:)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

He looks little here... Posted by Picasa

Bishop thought the giant lego Thomas was cool...he thought he & his daddy should build one....:)! Posted by Picasa

Look Mom!! A new tattoo... Posted by Picasa

He could have stayed in the tent with the train tables ALL day long!! Posted by Picasa

Bishop attempting to blow his new train whistle:) Posted by Picasa

Thomas in all his glory:) Posted by Picasa

Farewell Mommy!! The cars actually kind of look like Annie & Clarabell! Posted by Picasa

After the long ride they stopped to take a picture with Thomas:) Posted by Picasa

Day Out with Thomas

I have been meaning to blog about this for a week! As everyone knows, Bishop is OBSESSED with Thomas the Tank Engine. He came back to Grapevine this year so we bought him tickets to go ride. We went last year & he LOVED IT!!! He enjoyed it this year but it wasn't quite as exciting...he was an old pro at riding trains, right?! We got there & Bishop got his tattoo & went & looked at all the fancy train tables. We made a trip to the gift shop & offered him many things but all he wanted was a train whistle. Fine with was only $5.00:)! Finally it was time to ride the train. Since tickets are so high, Brad & Bish road alone again this year. I sat out on the steps of the train "station," & LOVED getting to just SIT for 25 minutes. It was all very fun & worth the price of the tickets.
These were some of the pics from the Day Out with Thomas 2006!

Monday, April 03, 2006


The nursery is FINISHED!! Well...not completely. We don't have it all set up & organized but it IS painted & the trim is painted & up! YEA!!! Brad worked HARD on Saturday trying to get it looks so GOOD!!! THANK YOU BABY!!!! I will post pictures when we get it all set up...there is still work to be done. The bed is completely covered in toys & I still have to find a place for all of these clothes. I DID clear a space for bottles & paci's in the kitchen....that's progress no matter how small, right?!?!?

I was on a weird rampage this weekend....pregnancy causes nesting which can be CRAZY. I decided to go ahead & clean out Bishop's closet....why?! Who knows...I decided it was the thing to do. I got rid of everything I thought he couldn't wear next year. Oh's done I guess & now I have LOTS of baby hangers. OH...I guess I did it because I needed to see what all he needs in the way of clothes this summer. He is pretty good....we need some socks & maybe a few more t-shirts but he is in good shape. Imagine that...Bishop has a closet full of clothes:)! I also decided to get busy on photo albums....I only have ten weeks left to get caught up. Tammy - your room is a mess but I will make a space for you:)!

Today is for resting & maybe some work on photo albums. I have to run to Wally world for a new computer mouse...mine is dying:(! This has been such an interesting blog....sheesh!!

Brad is still out of school this week so we will hopefully tackle some more projects around the house....Bish's toy room is still a DISASTER! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!


Saturday, April 01, 2006

I guess Brad thought he would show him the basics first....nice club, honey:)!! Posted by Picasa

His fav part was putting the ball on the "little" stick:)!! Posted by Picasa

Getting some pointers from Dad as he swings::) Posted by Picasa

Nice follow through;) Posted by Picasa

Shadow trying to retrieve BEFORE his little accident:) Posted by Picasa

Golfing Lesson

I guess Brad decided it was time to teach Bishop about the joys of golf. The other day we found Bish a Snoopy driver...not the plastic kind...the REAL deal:)! So, the boys went out into the front yard to hit a few balls. Bish had a REALLY good time...he thought it was TOO cool to hit balls off of a little "stick." He also thought it was really cool that you didn't have to retrieve the balls...Shadow did it for him. Everytime Bish hit the ball...there went Shadow to hunt it down:) ! It was all very comical...until Brad nailed Shadow in the head with a ball!!! Brad looked at Bishop & said, "Let's see if Daddy can hit Shadow." A JOKE!! He hit the ball & that time Shadow DIDN'T wait to go get the ball he went after it mid landed....hard...on Shadow's poor little head:(. We heard a whelp & a few whines & Shadow quickly retreated to the porch to his mommy & proceeded to NOT leave the porch for the rest of the day. Fun was had by all...even Shadow until he got nailed;)! Here are some pics....hope everyone is having a good weekend!!!!