Sunday, February 26, 2006

Prayers Needed

Hey guys!! We just got back from MARDI GRAS!!! Whoo hoo!!! We had a BLAST...we always do! BUT...I will post pictures & blog about that tomorrow. Tonight I am asking for prayers. A very good friend of mine who some of you have met or you have at least heard me talk about her on here...had a her baby early this morning. It was very unplanned...she was not due until May 1. Caden Michael weighed in at 2 pounds & 6 ounces but is doing great. Jennifer is doing good as well. I just ask that you would lift this family up in a quick prayer...they have a long road appears that Caden will have to stay for a couple of months & because he is in NICU his big brother can't even come meet him. Jennifer & Michael are doing as well as can be expected...they have strong is just hard to not be able to hold your newborn. Thanks guys...I will keep you posted & will blog about our trip soon!!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Off to Shreveport...

Well guys....I will post pictures & details on Monday. We are off to MARDI GRAS!!!! Whoo hoo:)!! This Mardi Gras is a cleaner version that you can take kids too. Bishop loves it. I can't wait....I better go finish packing:)!!!

The picture is of the little boots that were given to me. I wanted to share:)!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's Thursday & I am blogging...

but it has been a very uninteresting week so I have nothing exciting to say:)! Brad has been SWAMPED with homework so has mostly been just the Bish & I hanging out at home. We have played a few games, played LOTS of trains, watched movies, colored, & read "I'm a Big Brother" like 34 times:)! Whoo hoo!!! I did receive a GREAT gift today. At work we have secret sisters & mine left a surprise on the counter for me!! A pair of newborn white & pink cowboy boots:)! Could there have been a more appropriate gift?!? They are so cute!! Bishop has a pair & was excited that they could both wear their boots:)!! He is such a precious little boy...if he does half as well with his new little sister as he acts like he is going to then we will be fine. I know it will be a HUGE adjustment but I think it will be okay. His Big Brother book talks about how we have to wait for her to grow a little before we can play with her. It does tell him that he can do things FOR play blocks while she watches or take her to the park & let her watch him swing:)! It is a neat book..I would highly recommend it. Well...we are off to dinner!!! Hope everyone has a great TGIF!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Brianna's Butterflies

We have already purchased the bedding for the nursery!! Or rather, gammy has:)! I found it a month ago but had to wait & find out what we were having. I bought it new on Ebay but I only had the picture to go by. The box arrived last week & I was afraid to open it...I wanted it to be perfect so I was scared it wouldn't be as pretty in person:)!! Finally Bishop was like, "MOM...what is in the box?!" IT IS ADORABLE!!!!!! So, here is the picture....

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Disturbing pattern

I am discovering a pattern...I have only been blogging on Monday's & Friday' days off. I am hoping to do better next week. It is hard to blog about an entire week in one entry...this is a BUSY family:)! As you can see from the pictures, Bishop had a Valentine party at school this week. I didn't get to take any pictures at the actual party because it got started late & I had to go back to my class but I did get to go for a little while. It was such a sweet day! The kids were all passing out their cards & getting excited about one was upset...just pure joy!!! I wish they could all remember how it felt & grow up & spread the joy like everyone!!!
It was very neat. We waited until Brad got home to go through his "loot!" He got so much was like Halloween all over again. He loved it though!!

Bishop is at my parent's house right now. My dad is in NC for work so my mom met us last night to take Bishop back to her house. We met her at the mall so he got to play & "smash the bugs" on the video game thing & then they went home to play trains:)! We got to go on a REAL date...dinner without having to tell someone (no names:) to sit down or stop coloring on the table:)! It was NICE!! We then came home & Brad did homework!! Romantic, huh?!?! It had to be done though so we could go run around today. THAT'S RIGHT!! We get to spend the day shopping without Bishop...what will that be like?!?!?

I will post more pics tomorrow. We got Shayden's bedding in & put is so cute...the pictures don't do it justice. OH - we went to the doctor on Thursday & had a sonogram. She is still a girl:)!!! And they checked everything just like Linda did & it was all still looking good. So...yea!! Bishop was quite disappointed when we left, however. When Mommy told him that we were going to get to see the baby...he assumed we would be taking her home. Oops...I forget that he takes things very literally. We did go upstairs to see the real babies in the nursery so that appeased him for the time being. He wants to do that everytime now...go see the babies:)!!

I guess that sums up the week. I am sure I forgot stuff I wanted to say...I WILL do better:)!!!
Happy Saturday:)!!

Shadow wanted to know where HIS Valentine treat was???!? Posted by Picasa

Bishop getting to open his Valentine's from school...he thought that was pretty cool:)! Posted by Picasa

VALENTINE'S DAY!!! Should a three year old really get THIS much stuff?!?! I guess he IS a ladies man already:)!!! Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 13, 2006

My husband can be soooo sweet:). He is baking me a cake since I ran out of cupcakes!! THank you baby!! Posted by Picasa


Well I think it has finally sunk in that we are having a girl! Brad is so funny about it...he is not sure about all the pink & foo foo stuff:)! He DID buy her a new outfit yesterday...her first camo suit. It is a camo onsie with ruffles on the butt & bows on the front. It is perfectly fitting that that is the first thing he bought her...he says he is "going to make her husband's life easy...she will learn to love hunting & they can do it together:)." RIGHT!

We did get a BUNCH of stuff from my cousin Lindsey yesterday...THANK YOU LINDSEY!! Such fun stuff...cute dresses & shoes....oh the possibilities??!!?!? I also went to Once Upon a Child last week & bought a few outfits & a kick & play. We are trying to accumulate a little at a time. Poor Bish...he is going to think that Shayden is a brat...but he was sufficiently spoiled this weekend too...his daddy is a SUCKER!!!!!!!!!

Not much new happened last week hence the no blogging. It was rather quiet around here & I like it that way! We go to the doctor this Thursday for my regular sonogram & appointment. I think that if the due date is confirmed we'll go ahead & pick the official date. Whoo hoo!! That will give me something concrete to aim for:)! OH...I guess Tuesday is V-day...oops! Bish will have a party at school...those are always fun:). I think we are going to have people over for poker...nothing mushy here. Brad bought me an ice tea maker yesterday & baked me a cake so I am guessing that is my Valentine's...I really need to go get him something!!!! I think we will go out this weekend, my mom is going to take Bishop on Saturday for a Bishop & Nana day...I have no idea what we will go do?!?!? We're so boring:)!

Bish is whining in the other room so I should go...Have aGREAT week:)!!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

He is a prince to me....doesn't he look like me in this picture?!?! Posted by Picasa

Bishop & his class at the "Royal Feast" It was held in honor of "Old King Cole" They are studying nursery rhymes:) Posted by Picasa

MMMMMMMMMmmmmm...cupcakes:)! Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 06, 2006

Ladies & Gentlemen

ATTENTION PLEASE...the Baker's have another BIG announcement to make! We have found out the sex of the baby:)! Can we get a drum roll please...........

It's A GIRL!!!!!
We had a sonogram on Saturday thanks to one of my best friends!! Her mom is a sonographer & offered to do one....Linda is amazing. She has been doing sono's for a long time....she takes the time to look at all the organs & see that they are all functioning. She checked on the sex several times because Brad just wasn't sure:)! It was amazing. She kept moving around & moving her hands up to her face...she even rubbed her eye for us. It was so beautiful & amazing. My mom & dad & Bish got to watch for a few minutes & then left so we could watch in peace:)!! It was really funny because Linda was able to determine it was a girl very quickly but Brad just kept asking if she was sure:)! I think he knew in his heart that it was a girl...he is just really unsure of what to do with a girl...kind of like what I felt when I found out Bish was a boy. He is very excited...just soaking it all in:)!! And we do have a name picked out...we gave up on another B name & settled with an S....another drum roll please.............................
Shayden Starr Baker!
So..that is our big news this week. Bishop is super excited about his baby sister...he can't wait to take her to the park & rock her:)! He can already tell you her name if you ask. I am very excited about buying girl things...I have already bought her a couple of outfits & we ordered the bedding for her room (I had already picked it out....I just needed to make sure it was a girl:)! I think this made it all a little more real...we have LOTS to get done. There WILL be another baby coming along VERY soon:)!!!
Hope everyone has a GREAT week:)!!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A day at the park....(nice shirt, huh?!?) Posted by Picasa

He loves to go HIGH...I'd push him all day for that smile:)!! Posted by Picasa

But see...he LOVES is a challenge!! He is SO his daddy:)!! Posted by Picasa

This makes me SO nervous but he is good at it. And Brad tells me I have to let him be a boy... Posted by Picasa

He loves to go up AND down the slide:) Posted by Picasa

Bishop getting a helpful push from his friend, Caleb! Posted by Picasa


It's Wednesday...that means Small Fry day...yea!!! I love Small Fry! Technically it is work...I have to be there & do it but it is so nice. I have gotten to know SO many women through that program & made some GREAT friends. Today we made old fashioned Valentine's...the kind wih the little heart doilies & glue & construction paper. Fun times...we had 17 kids. After Small Fry, my girlfriend, Jennifer, & I have been taking our boys to this great little park down the road for about an hour. The weather has been BEAUTIFUL & they have a grown up swing that we can sit & chat on while the boys burn off energy!! We did that today & ended up staying almost 2 was just so nice & peaceful. Bishop played & played...he spent probably thirty minutes in the dirt just building snadcastles & playing with his new toy. Such a boy!! After that, we drove 15 minutes just to get sweet tea at Chicken Express (those familiar with this delicacy will understand:)! We got home around three and were sitting on the front porch drinking our drinks (he has a red slush & I was not allowing it in the house:) when the phone rang. We have a new cousin!!!! My cousin Betsy had her baby around two this afternoon...a boy named Morgan Wesley Reynolds. YEA...all are healthy & doing well. And so it begins...she is the first of all the prego's I know to have her baby:)! I can't wait to meet him. Betsy already has a 10 year old, Colby, & 4 year old twins, Calebi & Colton....needless to say she has her hands full!!
Since then, we have played trains, colored Thomas, & now he is watching (sort 0f) a Thomas movie:)!! The pictures are from the park...
Hope everyone's week is going well!!!