Wednesday, August 31, 2005

And here they are sampling the cake...thanks for teaching him to do that DAD!!!! Posted by Picasa

Bishop helping Elizabeth blow out the candles on her cake:)!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Just another Monday

Today was a Monday...nothing too spectacular. Bishop & I got up early to go run our errands. It gets too hot too even shop around here lately so we decided to get an early start. We went to my favorite thrit store but we didn't find much. Then we went to Toys r' Us to price train stuff for Bish's birthday....WHOA!!! Thomas the tank engine is pretty proud of his blue paint. Those things are OUTREAGOUS!! I looked at some other trains that are Thomas compatible...that might work. I don't think that he'll notice if the tracks are not Thomas as long as the trains are...yes, he WOULD know the difference on the trains. But the track sets NO matter which set you buy are so expensive. I'll have to start buying them a little at a time on my little paychecks:)! After that, we decided to go to the movies. We stopped by Taco Bueno & shared some nachos & then headed to the dollar theater. We decided on "Madagascar." It was cute & Bishop did great! This was his first trip to the movie theater & he loved it so we will definitely go back. He passed out about 15 minutes before it was over but that was okay. We came home & just hung around the house. I had some work to do & then had to balance my times:)!! Brad finally made it home around 8 so I am taking a break from being a mommy. Motherhood is very rewarding but's hard. No matter how good of a day we the end I always feel like a failure. I either yelled & feel guilty or let something go that I shouldn't have. It's a no win situation & I never feel worthy of being a mom. After spending 12 hours AWAKE together, Bish & I tend to get on each others nerves & after 12 hours it begins to show. I am GLAD Brad is home:)!!! So...all in all it was a good day. Tonight I feel guilty for getting on to him. He deserved it...he was throwing toys at the cieling after I told him twice not too, but I still hate getting the mean mommy voice out & getting on to him. And for some reason...I am having a pity party & am feeling like a dork & a complainer....better run...the violin quit playing:)! Here's to a better Tuesday;)!!

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Not muxh to blog about this weekend. It was a GREAT weekend but not very exciting. We drove to mom & dad's on Friday night. We played some games & went to bed. Saturday, Mom & I got up & went to a few garages sales...we found a few treasures but nothing too fabulous. I am ready for the fancy neighborhoods in Flower Mound to have their sales. Do you garage sale Shawnee? If so, you'll have to come down for those. They are WONDERFUL!!! Rich people get rid of stuff for no good reason. Anyways....Saturday we had a little birthday party for dad. We got him a cake & a few friends came over & we cooked out & hung out. Today we went to church which was fabulous. I love our is AMAZING! The preacher stepped on my toes a little bit but they needed it. After church we ate leftovers & took Boo swimming for about an hour. And then we played cards for the rest of the afternoon. The girls are ahead in Spades but losing at Joker...don't know what we'll do about that:)! We are so boring...but I love it!!!!!!!

Gotta run...we have to catch up on Big Brother:)!

Hope that everyone had a GREAT weekend & that you have a even better Monday!

"Do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased." Hebrews 13:16

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A natural born starr...:) Posted by Picasa

Bishop had the Cottonelle lady laughing...he was QUITE cute:)!!! Posted by Picasa

Bishop's First Karaoke has been a LONG week & there have been lots of changes & things going on (I went back to work at the church) & quit blogging about our vacation to Georgia....& I know that all of you are just DYING to hear all of the wonderful details:)! The only thing that I forgot to blog about was Bish's first time to karaoke??!?

The day that we went to the zoo, Cottonelle (the toilet paper people:) had a little booth set up outside. They were setting it up as we walked inside and we payed little attention to it. When we came out we realized that they were having a karaoke contest for kids. There was a little girl standing there trying to sing "Twinkle twinkle" and she was having a hard time. We asked Bishop if he wanted to try & surprisingly he said yes (I think the microphone got him excited:) He walked up to the stage & all of the people watching looked skeptical that this kid would sing anything (including his mom & dad:). But he marched right up there & grabbed that microphone & told them that he would sing "Twinkle Twinkle." (We were trying to get him to sing Wiggles) The music came on &...nothing. I tried to start him off but he seemed confused by the monitor that held words that he could not read. Then out of nowhere...he busted into song!!! He sand it LOUD & was too cute. The cottonelle lady was laughing because he just started belting it out of nowhere & then you could see him think about trying to dance too, but I think the microphone cord through him off:)!! We were all laughing & a little in shock that he actually did it. He won a little stuffed Cottonelle puppy & decided to name it Twinkle. He was also entered in a contest to win a $200,000 home makeover so if he ends up in the finals I will let you know so you can voet on him (ha ha:)!!!

Just wanted to share that our Bish may be a super star out Terry:)!!!!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

VEGGIE TALES Rockin' Tour Live

Bishop & I just got back from Bishop's first concert/theater experience. We went to see Veggie Tales Live & he LOVED it!!! And as a grown up who loves Veggie Tales but at times get a little annoyed with listening to the was areally cute show. Bish was a little unsure at first...the room darkened & loud music began playing. He wanted to go home & THEN...the Veggies came out & it was all over! Bob & Larry were finally there & he was loving it! The show was only about an hour & a half & we did the typical groupie thing...we bought a poster, and a book, & a great Praise cd if anyone is into very pumped up Praise music. We had a good time & I am glad that Veggie Tales was his first concert....I like the Veggie Tales...they teach the RIGHT message!!! So...I have added a couple of pics...for those of you who have kiddo's, I have a cute one of Bob & Larry I can email if they would be interested. Bishop is loving that they are on the computer anyone else's kid obsessed with looking at pictures?!!
Gotta run...have to go to work! I may bore you all some more later with more details of our trip to GA!!!

One of Bishop's favorites...LARRY BOY!!! Posted by Picasa

Bishop LOVED the show:)!! And I must was pretty cute! Posted by Picasa

Veggie Tales Show...for those of you unfamilia...this is Bob the Tomato & Larry the Cucumber! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

GO BRAVES!!! today I am obviously going to blog about the baseball games that we got to attend while in Georgia. Now those of you who know me know that I am NOT a sports fan...unless you count dancing & then you're on. But on vacation, we had the opportunity to attend TWO Braves games & being the good wife that I am...I went along without complaint. The first one turned out to be awesome. Somebody Tammy knew got us seats to a suite with beer, food, & AIR CONDITIONING!!!! And the suite was directly behind home plate. THAT is the way to watch baseball or so I thought at the time. We had a lot of fun & Bishop was with a babysitter so we had some adult time which was nice.
The second game we went to (the one I was not excited about becaues it was in the heat of the day) was Saturday at 1:30. I was amazed at how quickly my attitude changed! We walked in & they handed us a free Braves picture frame (those who know how cheap I am will appreciate my excitement at that:)! And you walk a little ways & there is this amazing drum line that is SO loud that you can't help but get excited! Bishop loved it...I got a great picture at him & Gammy watching them. We walked around a little more and ther is just excitement & amazing energy EVERYWHERE!!! These people are excited!! You can't help but feel pumped. So we went & sat down for a while & watched the game. Bishop was sort of interested but not really. Kiki took him for a walk & Gammy introduced him to some people so that gave me a nice little break. Around the 5th inning I took him to the childrens area which unlike Ameriquest field is free. He got to play on the playground & play on a mini baseball was a great way to break up the game. After that we went & sat down for a little bit & then went up to the top of the stadium to let him "run the bases." They have an area sat aside for the kids to run the bases & Bish loved that! All in all, it was a FUN day!! So, Gammy & Dave, I was a cynic but I now understand why you guys love the Braves so much. I think that if our stadium was half as exciting as the Braves, I would be a Ranger fan. So...ther ya go...Shana likes the Braves:)!!!

The whole fam (& I do mean the WHOLE fam...that little yellow thing represents Shadow...thanks Kiki!!) in the famous chairs ar Turner Field!!! (Not a great picture...we had been in the sun all day...yuck!!)  Posted by Picasa

Kiki & Bishop had a moment after he just made it to home base:)!! Posted by Picasa

Bishop running the bases at Turner field!! Posted by Picasa

Bishop & Scooby Doo are HUGE Braves fans:)! Posted by Picasa

The drum line at the Braves game!!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Zoo Atlanta

Today I am going to blog about the zoo. I'm not sure that there is much to say about the zoo...everyone has been to one. I LOVE zoo's!! I'm not sure why....I guess I am just an animal lover. Zoo's fascinate me no matter how many times I go. As a child, when asked where I wanted to go on vacation, the answer was always, "the zoo." And my parents being the wonderful parents that they are always took me to the zoo. I bet we can't even count how many zoo's hat we have been too...Ft. Worth, Oklahoma City, San Diego, National, & countless others. And that doesn't even count wilflife refuges & ridiculous alligator farms & bird paradises:)! So, thank you mom & dad & now gammy for allowing visits to the zoo:)!!

Zoo Atlanta isn't very big but it has something that mos other zoo's do not have...PANDA BEARS!!! I am not sure why I love panda's's not like I have ever seen one before now...but I have always loved them. They are beautiful! Maybe a little on the non-active side, but beautiful just the same. I get the impression that they are a lot like Shelah, lazy & sometimes they forget that they have legs & can move:)! Bishop loved it, of course! Sissy gave him a camera before we left so that he could take his OWN pictures at the zoo. That was a trip!! He loved it though....he NEVER forgot about his camera! He knew that HE was supposed to take pictures of the animals & he did! We got them developed yesterday & he cried when he found out that the lady behind the counter was going to keep the camera & all he got was the pictures back:)!! His pictures are interesting...shall we call them, "artsy?!?" I think he got one shot of a whole bird! It is really neat to see the world through his eyes! We'll have to do it again & I would highly recommend it for other kids...just one camera & see what they get. Someday when he is a famous photographer we'll frame these for the studio walls!

I think Brad even enjoyed the zoo...I know Gammy did...she hadn't been yet either! She took lots of pictures of the animals so we could make Bish a slideshow...he loves looking at pictures & he loves slideshows on the computer! W

Bishop with the Giant Iguana! (yes, he would make a nice pair of boots dad, we know:) Posted by Picasa

Aren't they beautiful?!?!? Posted by Picasa

Gammy & Bishop with the termite mound of course!! Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 15, 2005

Fly American!!!

Well, we made it home...FINALLY!! We had a wonderful flight to Georgia (thanks for the prayers!) & a wonderful time IN Georgia, and then we got on the plane to come home. Fun times coming back to DFW. Our flight took off at 3:45 Texas time & we made it to DFW on time but were put into a holding pattern due to bad weather. We flew in circles for about 45 minutes & were told we could land. Then we were told NOT to land & put back in the holding pattern for another 30 minutes. Finally the captain came over the speaker & told us that we were going to trun north & OKLAHOMA CITY?!?!?!?!? We needed to refuel....we couldn't just keep flying in circles because the weather wasn't letting up. So we landed in OKC hoping to just refuel but no, we were told we could get off the plane & hang out. YIPPEEEEEE!! This turned out to be a blessing because Bishop had been cooped up FAR too long...he was beginning to become restles. So we got off long enough to potty & grab some food & luckily got to reboard quickly. After everyone was accounted for, we're ready to take off. But we didn't. Finallt the captain came on & said, "OKC is not used to this size aircraft so they are looking for something big enough to push us away from the gate." So we waited some more. We were finally able to take off & the flight to DFW was like 30 minutes. We made it to DFW & taxied into the gate & everyone jumped out of their seats glad to be home. But the doors did NOT open. We waited some more. The captain came on again & said, "It appears that the jetway is broken, but they have two men working to fix it...just a few more minutes." 15 & then the captain says, "It appears that they can not fix it so we are going to be pulled to a new gate." FINALLY, almost FOUR hours late we got off the plane. So, until the last 7 hours of our trip, it was perfect. I am not complaining too much...we made it safely & Bishop was okay in the end so we have much to be thankful for. Overall our trip was great & I will probably blog on it all week because I have much to tell & many pictures to post. We went to the zoo (yes, I saw my panda's:), two baseball games, a laser show, & much much more:)!!! Hope everyone else had a great weekend!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Georgia on my mind:)

Well, folks...we are off to the great state of Georgia tomorrow. We fly out around noon tomorrow to go see Gammy Tammy. Bishop is SO excited..that's all he has been able to talk about is going on an airplane to see Gammy. I hate to fly & am extremely nervous about it but I hope that Bishop's enthusiasm (& lots of prayer:) will keep me calm.
We have plans to go to the zoo & something called Stone Mountain & even an Atlanta Braves game so I'm sure that we will have plenty of pictures to post when we get back. The Atlanta zoo even has PANDA BEARS which I have waited my entire life to see in person. We went to the San Diego zoo many years ago & the panda's were gone. Brad took me to the National zoo about 5 years ago & they had died...I am ready to see a Panda!!! Tha Braves game is more for Bish & Brad but it should still be fun for a non sportsy person. Baseball players are always good looking, right:)"?!?!
I will try to blog while we are gone but if not, I will talk to everyone when we get back!! Hope that everyone has a good week & good weekend!
(Please continue to pray for my cousin Shirley..she found out she DOES have cancer but doesn't know the prognosis yet & we are hoping for good news on that front. Thanks for all of the prayers!!!)

Monday, August 08, 2005

Bishop is READY to go to Home Depot!! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Shana & the Bish Posted by Picasa

Only as young as you feel!!!

Okay this is for all of you that think that I am getting old... Last night we all went to a wonderful event for the City of White Settlement. It was the 2005 National Night Out. There were games and booths set up from various vendors in the city. We walked and we played and had a good time. Well during all of this there were some kids on a baseball field across the way playing and I was wishing that I too could play. So on the way to see the police cars and Care Flight helicopter that were there doing demonstrations I walked over to the field and asked the guys in charge when the big kids got to play. He informed me that there was a 17+ age bracket. So I thought about it and then decided that I was too old. After some consideration I thought why not let's see what happens... to make a long evening short you can see that I now hold the prestigous position of 2005 National Night Out Home Run Derby Champion for the 17+ age bracket. By the way I did hit the ball further than the kids as well. The tournament was won with three monstrous blasts that landed me atop the standings. I guess that once you've got it... you never lose it. :) all fan mail can be sent to bish.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

OH...I am learning!!

( OH MY GOSH!!! I just took this picture from an email & put it not only on my blog but onto my digital camera as well!!!?!!?!? How'd I do that?!?! This blog is not just an outlet & a way to keep up with is teaching me about computers & web pages:)!! It is a wonderful tool & I would encourage any & all to try to make one. )

Today was a LONG day but I am beginning to realize that Thursdays are & always will be long. Bishop had a better day thankfully. He had a good day at school & of course a fun time at McDonald's. I must tell everyone that Bishop is in love with an older woman. My friend Rebecca has a seven year old daughter named Kamber & he just loves her...I will try to post a picture of them some time. I think sometimes she gets annoyed with Bishop but she dotes on him all of the time:)! She was there this evening so Bish was in hog Heaven:)!!

This picture was taken at Shawnee's wedding in L-town. I will try to post more from that this weekend. There is one of Brad & Bish & I with Bish awake but I look like a dork so this is the best I can do. Hope everybody has a great TGIF:)!!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Hello all,
Well i thought that i would take this oppertunity to let everyone know what is going on in our lives. This is the first time that I haven;t had homework in the past few months. I have had to take some time off due to my computer having some isses. it is on a nice vaction from school in California. It should be back in a couple of weeks. This are pretty good around here Shana and I have had more than enough time to spend with each other and we a re doing great. Bish is turning into a little wild child and I sometimes wonder how in the world Shana deals with him all the time... (as she get on to him in the back ground...) well all and all it seems to be a normal night in the Baker home. Well we are getting ready to go vacation to see my mom in Atlanta. That should be fun I think that we have a lot of plans for the week we are there... ... ...
Well I guess that is all that I have to say right now, there isn't a lot going on at the moment just trying to figure out what we are supposed to do for the rest of our lives. And by the way if any of you have any idea of what that might intell please feel free to clue us in on it. Talk to all of you soon enough...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Today IS Tuesday, right?

Not much new to talk about today. Bishop & I had "school" today & we both had good days so no complaints there. We went to McDonald's & found out that nothing that I needed for tonight was ready so that meeting was cancelled...YEAH!!! I love those meetings...but you will NOT catch me complaining that I have the night off. Brad is out of school for two weeks so I want to take full advantage!!! got me motivated...a little:)! I tried a little cardio this evening & even did a few crunches:)! I didn't last long..but maybe it is a start. You would have wondered why I would bother on my body if you could have seen my hair though;)...scary stuff!! Katie...I do NOT wake up beautiful either. I'm beginning to wonder if make up even helps...I am feeling old & frumpy...& I DO have bad hair....what's a girl to do?!?!:) Brad & I are trying to get caught up on Big Brother this evening...right now he is putting the Bish to bed. I better run & check my email!! Later taters!

Monday, August 01, 2005

Update deleted

Well, I had a LONG Bishop update typed up but our internet is messing up & it got deleted before it could be posted. is a summerized version...
Bishop is getting BIG & super smart!! He is very perceptive & observent these days. He knows what he wants & he WILL let you know it:)!! He knows what he wants at certain stores (trains @ Target, Veggie Tales @ Mardel, etc.) & where he wants to go (Home Depot in Papa's truck, School in mommy's car, etc.)!! He is using complete sentences & having entire conversations with us now. You'd be amazed at what this kid knows about Thomas the Train & the Wiggles. He still loves both of them & is now obsessed with the Veggie Tales too. He is potty training SLOWLY but is doing good. He dances & sings ALL of the time so you can't help but smile:)!! He sings anything from the "ABC's" to "Deep & Wide." He loves to read books & his favs this week are, "Thank you God" & Scary Veggie Tales. I need to record him reading is TOO funny!! He is so sweet & so cute! He is beginning to become a little man. He is a friend to EVERYONE...we are teaching him that Jesus loves us so we must love others & he takes it VERY serioulsly!! Everyone he meets is his "new friend" & he will invite ANYONE over to "his" house:)!! He is becoming empathetic..he does NOT like to make people sad or see them upset. He hates when mommy cries & always wants to make me feel better!! This picture was taken tonight. This is a VERY normal scene in our house. He lays on the floor & plays with trains while I work online. We are so blessed to have him in our lives. I know that he is a gift & I must be one of th luckiest moms in the world!!

Thank you Lord for such a beautiful, wonderful, healthy little boy!! Help me to raise him in a way that makes you proud!!

Happy day ALL!!!