Sunday, October 30, 2005

The birthday party...

What a day!! I knew Chuck E. Cheese was a crazy place...even crazier on Saturday's....but sheesh!!!! it was a MADHOUSE!! The most important thing is that Bishop had a good time & I think he had a blast so we are good! It was a very small affair....just a couple of his little friends, Caleb, Zane (look, I spelled it right, Lori!!), Kamber (the love of Bish's life right now), & Katelynn. My parents & grandparents were there along with some of Brad's cousins to help us celebrate. Gammy...we know that you tried everything to be here & we just want to let you know that you were missed!! Soon..soon!

We had pizza & cake & presents...just a normal little birthday party with the exception that one of fellow partiers was a giant mouse named Chuck E.:)! Bishop seemed to enjoy it...I know I did even with all the craziness. Brad & I played games too & even my grandparents who had never been before got in on the action! When you look at the pictures....start at the botton one...I haven't mastered the art of "sequencing" on the blog;)!! So...enjoy....we are thankful for those that were able to attend & missed the family that couldn't make it!! Love you guys!!

Bishop's 3rd Birthday Party Posted by Picasa

Happy Birthday Bishop!! We LOVE YOU|!!!! Posted by Picasa

Even the grandparents who made thier FIRST trip ever to Chuck E Cheese:)! Posted by Picasa

In the end...I think a good time was had by ALL!!!!:) Posted by Picasa

Of course he opened his presents...he got some GReAT stuff!! Posted by Picasa

This is the first time I didn't cut up his pizza....I think he liked it that way! Posted by Picasa

Maybe TOO much fun...BRAD!! Posted by Picasa

Of course he had fun at Chuck E Cheese....I think we ALL had fun;)! Posted by Picasa

Thanks Do & Dale!! He loves his new Buzz watch...he is shooting me with his "laser" here! Posted by Picasa

He was allowed to open ONE present early & he was VERY proud of his Buzz Lightyear spaceship!! Thanks Jo! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Our baby is THREE today!!

I cannot believe that Bishop is three years old today. I am elated & sad & wondering where the last three years went?!?! He is such a little boy now! How did that happen? He opened a present early last night & it was a Buzz Lightyear Spaceship form his Godmother, Jodi...he has been flying it around the house all day & saying, "I'll save you, friend." And he shoots the missle & scoops up the little green man:)!! It is all very cute but certainly not what my baby used to do for fun. He is a boy now....not a baby or a toddler....a little boy. Brad was trying to explain to him that he was still in Mommy's tummy like the new baby three years ago....that was an interesting conversation. But it brought back lots of memories...I know what we were all doing this time three years ago:)!!! My world was turned UPSIDE DOWN & I have never felt more alive or closer to God then I did at 3:47 on October 29, 2002!! Thank you Lord for ALL of our MANY blessings!!! I will try to post some pictures of his birthday party later today:)!!

What a day....:)

Friday, October 28, 2005

This man is a HOT commodity in Altus, Oklahoma but sorry ladies...he is TAKEN!! Posted by Picasa

Friday night in the Big Town

We drove to Ft Worth this evening to meet my parents & grandparents for dinner & to have Bish's birthday pictures taken. And (I know mom, you shouldn't start a sentence w/the word and) since I have not much interesting to tell about in our lives, I am going to share a funny story that my grandmother told me at dinner. Here goes:

We were sitting there eating in the food court talking about not much. My grandmother, Martha, looks at my Papa across the table & says, "Your Papa's old girlfriend called him on the phone this week." Finding this a little odd seeing that he is 74 & any old girlfriend would have had to have come before my grandmother who married him at the ripe old age of 18, I asked WHY his old girlfriend had called. Her reply was, "To see if I was dead." YES FRIENDS, she was serious. Some lady in Wichita Falls, Texas called my grandpa to see if my grandmother had passed away so she could make her move?!?!?! Her husband had passed away a couple of years ago so I guess she was getting lonely. My grandfather politely informed her that the lady that answered the phone was indeed his healthy, loving wife of 55 years:)!! My sweet Mama took this all in stride & laughed about it. The really ironic part is that this is not the first time this has happened. A lady once stopped my grandpa in Wal-mart & asked him if he & Martha were doing okay:)! So ladies, when you hit about 60, keep a close watch on your man...if he can walk, talk, & drive acar....he is a HOT commodity:)!!!

Sorry..I had to share this...I thought it was TOO funny!!!

Have a GREAT SATURDAY guys!!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

This one is for Jodi....wanted you to see that his presents get good use:)!! Of course he chose the SPIDER!!! And thanks to that bag...all of the people handing out treats knew his name;)! Posted by Picasa

WHAT A GREAT LOOKING FAMILY!! We all struck a pose at the Ft Worth Zoo pumpkin patch:)! Posted by Picasa

Bishop & Brad getting ready to trick or treat at Boo at the Zoo. Posted by Picasa

Bishop having fun at his class Fall party Posted by Picasa

Bishop "trunk-or-treating" at school! Posted by Picasa


We got another report from doctor today. I had more bloodwork done on Wednesday...they wanted to see if my hormone levels were rising like they should. She called just a little bit ago & all of my levels are doing what they should. We still need to do another sonogram in two weeks to see if we can see the baby & check on the heartbeat but right now I feel a little better. I feel a little more pregnant now:)! I don't why I doubt, I have been having some trouble with morning sickness & fatigue...but YEAH!! It will all be worth it in a few months. My friend, Jennifer & I, went to the hospital yesterday (that is where my doc's office is located) & went upstairs to look at the babies in the nursery. There was only one sweet little baby but that was enough wish our little one is here now!!! I am one of those women who thinks pregnancy is something one must endure to have a wonderful reward. I don't NOT like it....I just don't particularly enjoy it. I am however thankful to be pregnant & will most definitely make the best of it! So...there ya go...that is our most recent news.

Today was Fall Party day at school. Finally, a church that recognizes that kids love Halloween & that you might as well celebrate it in a Christian fashion because they WILL see Halloween everywhere else. Our church has a "pumpkin prayer" that teaches about Jesus love for us that goes along with Halloween & I can email anyone a copy if they would like it. It is neat! All of the kids got to go "trunk-or-treating." The kids all dressed up & of course, Bish wore his BUZZ LIGHTYEAR costume. Bish loved it & got more candy then we can eat in a year. A man from the church was also giving EACH child at our church preschool program a toy...girls got a Barbie & boys got a Hot Wheels Hauler. He did this because he wanted to & out of his own pocket. People sometimes amaze me...I try to remeber people like him when I am dealing with others that test my patience. After lunch, Bishop's class had a pizza party & decorated Halloween cookies. I got to go in for a little bit. Bishop was glad because there were lots of mommies there. His teacher offered me a piece of pizza & when I said I wanted some he went & got me what was left off of his plate. He may be as ornery as they come but sometimes he is so sweet he makes me want to cry:)!!

Well I better run...Brad has MORE homework to work on so I am going to dinner with a couple of friends. We are all taking our kids & YES we are nuts!! Happy Thursday friends....tomorrow is TGIF!! Thank you for all the prayers....I know that there is NO greater power!!!!

Monday, October 24, 2005


The Bakers' have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT to make. We will have a new little Baker sometime in the next year!!! And this time the new addition will NOT have four legs! YES, we are pregnant!! We actually took the test last week but wanted to wait until we could see the doctor. We went to the doctor this morning & had our first sonogram & we got it confirmed. That said....I am only five weeks along so you can't actually see the baby inside the sac yet so....I am still a little nervous about the whole thing....I don't FEEL pregnant since I can't see it but I feel SO TIRED so I must be:)! They will draw blood again on Wednesday to make sure things are progressing properly & do another sonagram in two weeks so we can SEE the baby. That will make me feel much better. We didn't find out about Bish until I was already 12 weeks so this is a whole new experience. We are all very excited!!! I'll do like Lashawn & answer the frequently asked questions:

We are probably looking at a June baby...around the 2oth. Because I will have to have another c-section (natural birth is not an option for me) then we will schedule it around that time.

No, we were not trying...we had talked & prayed about it but were still on the fence...Brad was considering a new job possiblity but that will have to wait for a few months now:)! We prayed that God would allow us another baby if it was His will & if not we were happy either way but we are VERY excited to have it this way!!

Yes, Bishop is excited. He decided about a month ago that he wanted a little baby of his own & that we should just go get one at the store. We are trying to get him to understnad that you don't buy them at the store & that Mommy will have one. He is slowly catching on & he is about as excited as a 3 year old can be:)!

Yes, we will find out what we are having if we are able to....I would love the surprise but I must plan big things like this so we will find out the sex. I am not a huge fan of green & yellow:)! Lots of people are hoping for a girl. Though we will be happy with either...we are thinking blue. I know that is crazy...but I love my little boy...he is so much fun!!

Yes, we welcome name suggestions...we are pretty sure what we want to name a boy but have NEVER had a good girl name so please feel free to help!

No, I haven't been very sick....a little nausea but not bad. I never got really sick with Bish either so her's hoping that continues. I have been VERY tired. I crawl into bed at night....Brad has been a real trooper though so we are coping:)!!

Yes, we have decided that the study will be made into a nursery. We will be moving the computer & trains out & all sorts of things baby in. That will make our guest room VERY crowded but we will still welcome guests ANYTIME (just be prepared for clutter:)!

Things are going well right now. Brad is busy with work & school. I am busy with work, Bishop, & amazement:)!! I know that God has an amazing plan for us & that this baby fits into His plan perfectly. Please pray for us as we begin to prepare for this new little one & as we wait to see how things are going & they progress!!! I am usually a worrier about these kinds of thing but I am trying to leave it up to is all His anyways:)!! & smiles to everyone!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

What a week!!

It was such an eventful week at our house that I have not even had time to blog since Tuesday. Many new things to talk about but no time...we are all doing GREATbut I must run already...Bishop calls!! Love & smiles to everybody...we are going to Boo at the Zoo tonight so I will try to post pics & write more tomorrow!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

State Fair of Texas

IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!!!! We all had a GREAT time! We got there around noon & of course had a very unhealthy lunch of fair food:)! We walked in & went straight to the Pace Picante Sauce booth...they always have great samples & games. We were disappointed...they usually have a (fake) bull to take your picture with & he was gone but oh well....still had good samples:)! We then went on to meet some friends at Big Tex which is , of course, a very important fixture at the Texas State Fair. We went & looked at all the new cars & all the cool exhibitions. We went to the lottery how which we have done for the last two year & I got picked!!! It was SO exciting!! I didn't get to play any cool games but I did win tickets so...YEAH!! We went & watched the pig was only all of ten minutes but it was a CUTE ten minutes. Bishop thought it was funny...I told him that one of the pigs was Babe & one was Gordy so he was really into it. I think he was rooting for Gordy to win so I guess we know who his fave movie pig is. One of the best parts of the fair is the "Little Hands on Farm." Kids get to walk in & put on an apron & water trees, plant & harvest crops, feed the chickens & "harvest" their eggs, milk a cow, feed a sheep & "harvest" the wool...they even get to pick up "bales" of hay & ride a tractor to deliver the hay to the cows. It is great & when they are done...if they did everything they get "paid" & when they turn in their money they get a juice carton & a snack. It is GREAT!! Bish loves it & it is funny because every year he can do more....this year he could PEDAL the tractor which is means he is getting SO BIG!! We ate lots of horrible junk food, we visited the Budweiser horses & the Fisher Price tents filled with toys galore. We even went & saw a butter sculpture of Elvis...I posted a picture in case you don't get the opportunity to see such a thing. So...we had a great time, we got lots of free stuff (thank you to Chevy, Pace, Cambells' & Fisher Price;)! I highly reccommend the event to is getting a little pricey but for all the junk you get & all the pricelss times & photo's, it is money WELL spent!!

GOD BLESS TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

One of the greatest things at the fair is the "Little Hands On Farm" Bish loves planting & feeding & driving tractors! Posted by Picasa

Bish LOVED it!! Here he is yelling for "Babe" to win!! Posted by Picasa

You haven't DONE the fair if you don't see the pig races:)! Posted by Picasa

The fair just wore Bish out...we all had a GREAT time!! Posted by Picasa

I WON AT THE TEXAS LOTTERY SHOW!! They picked my seat number & I won 35 tickets:)!!! And ya know how much $$ I won....$11! Posted by Picasa

For those who will not get to attend the fair....this is the butter sculpture of Elvis....scary, huh!?! Posted by Picasa

Bishop & Nana with their new hats courtesy of Chevy Trucks:) Posted by Picasa

This us a "Where's Bishop?" picture taken with the one & only BIG TEX!! This one is for you, Gammy! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Typical Saturday

I use the word typical lightly...I have been told that is not a good way to describe anything I or we do but today seems fairly typical for us so I am going to use it anyways. We got up early...that is DEFINITELY typical...we have a three year old (well, almost three year old.) Brad took Bishop to the park to play while Mom & I went to garage sales. We found a few treasures...nothing TOO exciting. I did find a really pretty old chair for the low price of $2.00 that I will lovingly try to recover (w/the help of my handsome husband...wink wink:). If not, maybe my good friend Robin will help me...she's all sorts of talented:)!! Now we are sitting around....Brad is playing golf, Dad is helping a friend, Mom is grading papers, & I am...well, you know what I am doing. Bishop is hopefully watching a movie & not destroying anything. Yesterday we went to the Texas State Fair...I will blog on that when we get home so that I can post was a lot of fun!!
I also wanted to tell all of my faithful commenters (I LOVE comments by the way!!) that I am sorry that I had to put the word verification on there. I know it is a pain but as soon as I was posting ANYTHING I was having 4 spammers immediatly & it was driving me CRAZY!
I better run is WAY too quiet in here. For those following the bedtime drama...I have resorted to bribery....yes I said it!! I NEED SLEEP!!! It actually worked last night....we'll see tonight. Supernanny would be HORRIBLY dissappointed but well....I'm tired. I got rid of the paci...give me a break. We'll get there at our own pace!!
Gotta run......Happy Sunday....but they are always happy!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bishop & one of his favorite trains...Lady! Posted by Picasa