Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Man, am I behind. I haven't blogged in over a WEEK...that is just plain bad!! These are the latest pictures I have. I will just summerize again...

** Shayden is growing up so fast! We took her for her 4 month check-up & she weighed 13 lbs, 12 oz. & was 24 inches long! She is in the 50th percentile which is bigger than Bish at this age!!!! She talks ALL the time & is sometimes quite loud...don't know where she got that?! She wants to sit up so bad but of course she can't...she tries though. SHe loves to play in the saucer & with her gyms & of course BE HELD!! She is still not sleeping at night but she does nap well during the day (if only I could...:)!!!

** Bishop is growing equally as fast...I cannot believe that he will be four this weekend! It blows me away!! He is so smart that it scares me...he talks SO grown up. His thing right now is to add "you know" to the end of his sentence..., "That dog looks silly, you know." It is SO funny:)!!! We are working on writing our letters & learning the lower case alphabet. We are also working on the letter sounds. He loves to read & LOVES to play on the computer...he is already a computer geek:)! He can get online & play any of his websites or get on & paint. He is huge into Power Rangers...we don't let him watch the shows but he loves the action figures. He loves going to church & playing with his friends. He LOVES the park & anything that has to do outside!! He is just so big & so grown up...he is an amazing big brother. I am SO blessed to have these two precious children..most days I don't feel like I deserve THEM!!!

** Brad will finish his associates degree in TWO WEEKS!! It will be so wonderful to have my husband back!!! He has been so will be a relief to have him home more! He will probably wait a while to work on his bachelors...maybe when the kids get a little is just too time consuming right now. I am really proud of him though...he has had to persavere through a lot!!!

** I am BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!! I thought since I quit the pre-school that I would be bored...HA HA!! The kids keep me ridiculously busy. We go to various activities...the local malls all have kids clubs that we go to. Of course, we go to McD's on Wednesday's. We go to pumpkin patches & parks & playgrounds...we are always on the go. It's fun though...a bit overwhelming at times but fun:)!

Have a GREAT week!!!!!!
Two of Bish's newest friends...Daphne & Velma. I think it's funny that he loves Scooby Doo because I Loved it when I was his age:)!!! Posted by Picasa
Shayden's first HAYRIDE!! Posted by Picasa
Bishop picked his pumpkin! Posted by Picasa
Bishop painting his pumpkin at Jordan's birthday party! *Note to self...washable marker comes off in the rain**:) Posted by Picasa
Shayden had fun in her stroller at the Pumpkin Patch...she LOVES to be outside! Posted by Picasa
Bath time!!!! Posted by Picasa
Bishop's friend Caleb had a swimming party & he couldn't wait to dive in!!! Posted by Picasa
Having fun!!! Posted by Picasa
You can't swim without a noodle! Posted by Picasa
Shayden had a good time people watching at the birthday party:)! Posted by Picasa
Bishop decided he needed a trophy so he built his own...quite clever:)! Posted by Picasa
Shayden & her GO-GO boots...:) Posted by Picasa
This is her latest smile...with her tongue hanging out! Posted by Picasa
What a CUTIE!! Posted by Picasa
Brad & Shayden share a moment... Posted by Picasa
I think she made her Daddy laugh too:)! Posted by Picasa
Bishop loves to help...we were at Wal-mart & he helped feed Shayden:)! Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 13, 2006


I haven't blogged about Bish's first trip to Six Flags yet but here are the pictures!! We had a blast & Brad was brave & rode the roller coasters with Jenn & I. Bish was VERY brave. He rode everything he was tall enough to ride, the mini-mine train, the log ride TWICE, Sponge Bob, the Batmobiles, even the Mexican hat! He loved it!! Strangly enough the only thing he didn't like was a ride made FOR kids...the Yosemite Sam thing. He played games, he walked a million miles & had a giant pretzel...he was in HEAVEN!! Brad, Jenn, & I went & rode all of the "big" kid rides in the was a lot of fun. I was SO proud of Brad:)!!!

Thank you Elizabeth for keeping Shayden so we could do this!!!
We had to buy one!! It was Bish's first trip to Six Flags:)!!! Look how brave he is!!! Posted by Picasa
A group photo op... Posted by Picasa
That's our BOO!!! Posted by Picasa
"Yeah, but are you the REAL Scooby Doo!?" Posted by Picasa
The Sponge Bob Experience!! Posted by Picasa
Bishop was dying to ride the antique cars...he was a better driver than NANA!! Posted by Picasa
Bishop & Mom riding on the Mexican Hat!! Posted by Picasa
Mom seemed to enjoy the merry-go-round:)!! Posted by Picasa