Thursday, November 30, 2006

Day 3...

You know it must be cold if my weather pixie is wearing a coat?!?! She will tough it out in tank tops in 50 degree weather so it must be quite chilly:)!
I got up this morning & went & looked out the windows. It looked cold but not too bad. HA!! Our front door was FROZEN shut...Brad had to pry it open. Needless to say we didn't go anywhere. It sleeted for about 2 hours this morning & then turned to snow this afternoon. This evening there has been nothing falling but it is BITTER cold. Guess we will have to snuggle to stay warm tonight:)!!!
In light of being home bound all day WITH Brad here to help...I actually WORKED! I made calls & made plans & lists & budgets...whew!! That was different...something called "organization" I think. You know you're screwed when you lose your planner....only I could do that.
Alright...I am off to finish things around the house before bed...NIGHT!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Day 2...Just in case

I am afriad that the weather may cause my internet to go out so I wanted to get something posted...brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! It went from 75 degrees this morning to about 55 right now! The wind blew in from NOWHERE & it will supposedly bring snow & sleet by morning....GGGRREEEEEAAAAATTTT!!! Texans drive SO well in snow!! is my picture...I could barely open the door because the wind was blowing so hard & I quickly closed it because it was COOOOOLLLDDDD!!!! I guess winter is here...:(!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Day ONE picture...aren't we cute?!

Day...I'm starting again so...Day ONE

I am so tired of this Kelly Ripa/Clay Aiken is RIDICULOUS!!! I am tired of it because I think Rosie O'Donnell is a crazy drama queen who should be banned from television!!!! YES, I said it...BANNED!! I used to be a fan of hers...I loved her talk show...she was neurotic in a cutsie way. Then she had on Tom Selleck & attacked him about gun control...that was the day I stopped watching. Then she quit the show & got all weird...No, I do not care if she is gay...I don't like her because she is a loud mouth & she uses her voice in a negative way. I am sure she has some good causes but I don't know what they are because mostly what I see her doing on the view & on television is GRIPE & attack people. I saw the episode of LIVE with the whole Clay Aiken hand over Kelly's mouth thing...I do not think Kelly was being homophobic..she was being Kelly & probably is not used to being shushed on the very show that pays her to TALK!! Whew...I feel better...:)!!

Thank you...I wanted to talk about anyone cares but STILL!!!!
Shayden's first Thanksgiving...she had sweet potatoes & turkey...YUM!!! Posted by Picasa
Happy Thanksgiving MOMMY!:) Posted by Picasa
Thanksgiving was so pretty that the kids played outside most of the day! Posted by Picasa
Thanksgiving wore Bishop OUT! Posted by Picasa
Before the wedding... Posted by Picasa
Calebi & Megan strike a pose in the limo... Posted by Picasa
She truly looked like a princess... Posted by Picasa
Jash, Katie, & Shy AnnPosted by Picasa
My mini-me...:) Posted by Picasa
The fam... Posted by Picasa
Dad & Shayden strike a pose..:) Posted by Picasa
This is a cool alternative to a unity is very cool!! Posted by Picasa
Bishop attempts to catch the garter...:) Posted by Picasa
Brad, all I can say are a DORK!!! Posted by Picasa
Great picture quality I know...don't you love my peacock hair?! Posted by Picasa
This one is for Charlie...who had a GOOD time:)!! I love you Charlie!!! Posted by Picasa
You might want to blow those out first, Josh...:) Posted by Picasa
The first dance as husband & wife:)! Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 27, 2006

Here comes the we look alike?!

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So much to be thankful for...

** I am back & ready to take on the challange (Again:)! **

We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!! We celebrated with my family & Brad's & then we participated in the wedding of the baby cousin got married on Saturday!!! I can't believe is still crazy to realize she is old enough to get did that happen??!? We worked hard this weekend & I know they have worked hard on it for months but it was BEAUTFUL!!! The place was easy to was pretty on its own. Katie looked absolutely GORGEOUS!! (No shock there, I know:)! I watched her all weekend & it became sureal how grown up she is. She just handled herself so maturely & with such was just overwhelming. In watching her, I realized how much alike we are...SCARE BEAR, K, I know:)!
After the wedding, Katie & Josh, Charlie & Lindsey, us, & a few of their friends went out to a place called Scooters...OOOOO what FUN!!! I DANCED & so did BRAD!!! Holy cow!!! We left around 1 to go eat "breakfast"...the bride was hungry:)! I have not laughed that hard in SO long...I laughed until I cried several times. Was it the wedding night you "always dreamed of" K??!??!:) It was a FABULOUS weekend!! The only hard part was that Mama wasn't there nor was she at here house over the holiday. I had a few tearful moments standing in the doorway of her bedroom. I think she was there though...I know she was. Papa's alarm went off on Friday morning even though he wasn't there...I went in to turn it off & paused in the doorway just to listen. The lyrics started playing & the first line was, "I wish I was there with you....." It was a Christmas song about missing a loved one...needless to say I cried & left the radio alone:).
It was a weekend to remind me of everything I have to be thankful wonderful family, my friends who texted me Thanksgiving messages, my kids that I get to stay home with, my husband who loves me so much...we are SOOOOOOO truly blessed. I am a lucky lady! I can't wait until Christmas to go home was so hard to leave. It was hard to go because of Mama's absence & it was so hard to leave because I love my family so much!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Slacker AGAIN

I know...I have been a slacker. I accepted a challange & have FAILED!! The fact that my hands haven't been working should be a good excuse right?! I CAN get a doctors note:)! They are finally feeling better though...I actually notice a change. Still not all the way better but I can type with all my fingers again:)! So, I will be back today & tomorrow & then I will be gone for the weekend. But when I get back, I WILL blog everyday with a self-portrait until Christmas!! I know you guys are SOOOOOO interested in what I have to say:)!!

Now I have a sales pitch...I recently had a "Signature Homestyles" party at my house (hence all the baking!) If you are interested in purchasing something from the catalog:

then just let me know:)!!!


Friday, November 17, 2006

Day 14...Feeling better

I feel better...I do not feel completely "fixed"...I am still having some trouble with my hands & feet but I think I feel a little better. Either that or I am getting used to it...but I want to believe I am getting better:)!!! I ventured out today...we went to the local grocery store. We only go to the local one for meat...they have a great meat counter. I feel old for admitting that i care what the meat counter is like but since I have a degree in restaurant management I think we'll blame it on that:).
Tonight I have a question for my fellow bloggers or anyone else who might happen upon my random blog. I am getting ready to write the annual Baker Christmas letter. On a recent episode of Desperate Housewives (yes I AM a Desperate Houswife...:), Bree announced that no one likes to read "real" Christmas letters. She said people don't like to hear that life was difficult or that "things" happen...they want to hear a nice version of the year as if we are all perfect. Is that true?!? I want mine to be uplifting & positive but I don't want it to be a fabrication either. Things happen, this was absolutley the hardest summer of my I want to, but do I want to tell everyone that it was all roses & again. Please let me know what other people enjoy reading...I LOVE getting Christmas letters & read what is happening in others lives...I want to know how they REALLY are...not how perfect they would like me to think they are. Just thought I would get some input...I will probably compose it in the car next week!! Love & hugs to EVERYONE!!

And kisses from Shadow too...:)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Well, I getting a cat for Christmas?!?! :) Posted by Picasa

I've BACK!!!

I know I have been absent from my blogging which is a major nono in the challange but it has been a rough week. I have had trouble with my back & neck & it has caused major issues with the nerves in my hands & feet...tyoing has been a challange. They still aren't all the way better but I did go to the chiropractor so I am feeling a little better. Due to my missing a couple of days & the fact that I will miss Thursday thru Sunday next week (I will be gone to the land of dial up & I refuse to battle it!), I am extending the challange until Christmas...want to join me Shawnee!! all who have been praying for me...please keep it up. I hope that this doctor will fix me...he is very nice. I am glad to be back...I have missed blogging!!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Welcome to my Mommy's Blog!! Posted by Picasa
Ooops....maybe not!! Posted by Picasa
Trying so hard to sit!!! Posted by Picasa