Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summary post....

1) REALLY rough day that ended with child #1 throwing a fit for over an hour over PILLOWS.

2) Frustrated with smugness...hate it when people close to me hurt my feelers.

3) Bedroom furniture disaster today...stain doesn't match. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

4) The turtle Brad found and donated to Shyanne's turtle race won 1st place today...GO CARL:)

5) 9/11 is an emotional day...maybe that is part of my blahness. My heart aches for this country...

6) I shaved my legs...this is a BIG deal:)

7) I am seriously craving sushi. And a girls day...*ahem* Lashawn. (No they don't have to go

8) Homeschooling seriously. I love it. So glad I decided to listen to JC....amazing how he ALWAYS knows best:)

9) I am going to start a Wednesday want post on here...because there is so much I want and my husband needs ideas:). he checks this thing!

10) I am blessed and filled with JOY. Even on a bad day...when the external circumstances are icky...I am filled with Joy. God is good ALL the time.

11) I <3 whoever actually read this lame post...have a fabulous Sunday!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

So...I'm slow.
Yesterday I had kind of a crisis. Not an OH MY GOSH, we will NEVER survive, STOP THE VOICES kind of crisis. Just a minor, yet pivotal, little crisis in my own little world. You know...the world where I imagine I am a little pink sheep:).
I sat down and thought...I am happy. Truly happy. I love the man I remarried...I cannot even begin to express what an amazing husband he is. I love my kids...I love both of their little personalities and just am so thankful to be home with them. Homeschooling (and this is something I NEVER thought I'd say) is SO fun and I love it!!! Brad has a steady paying job...we don't have it all by any means...but we have each other and that makes me heart SOAR. And then it hit me...
Here's where the s-l-o-w part comes in. I believed (you can's okay) that my eggs are in BRAD'S basket. And I paniced. Because...what if Brad lost his job? What if I had to go to work? How would we homeschool? What would we do? Would we have to...I could go on FOREVER. I mean...Brad and I have been divorced before...come on. The doubt can seep in now and then even with the greatest man on earth. That's when it hit me like a mack truck.
My eggs are in HIS basket.
Not Brad's. Jesus's basket. And as long as they are in His will all be okay. So I settled down. I had a laugh with Brad in bed last night...talking about eggs and baskets. And I only made him promise to never leave me twice. You can laugh there too...we do:)

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Are you unique?

I chose this particular sheep because my favorite color is pink. It could just have easily have been yellow, orange, green, or black...whatever you fancy:).

But this picture portrays what we all want...we want to stand out in the crowd. No one wants to be a sheep that just follows the crowd. Our society embraces uniqueness. We all want to be special.

So...tell me why in a world where everyone wants to be special and to stand apart from the rest...why do we condemn this sheep?

I am a sheep...I have the greatest shepherd in the world. I kind of like the second image...I mean, my Bible is hot pink after all:).


And be unashamed...don't let the world tell you that this sheep isn't special...