Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Wow. I just had one of those moments. The kind that make you sit back & did I get here? Maybe I am crazy...I look at my life & wonder how it is mine. How do I have a three year old?!?!? Here's the scene...I was trying to get Bishop ready to get into the bathtub. He looked at me & said, "I can do it, Mommy." REALLY?!?!? You can? How is that possible?! I just look at my life & feel like a kid trying to play house...there is this beautiful little boy calling me Mommy...a LITTLE BOY...not a baby. And here I sit, pregnant again. We ARE having a new little, again. Shawnee, Summer, fellow you feel "grown up?" Or do you just coast along like I do trying to figure it out? I LOVE my life...I love being a mommy & even a wife (most of the time:)....but it seems so surreal at times.

Deep, I know....sorry....must be the hormones:)

It was a LONG day. Bishop beat up a little boy at McDonald's...nice. The mom FREAKED out & Bishop got in trouble...ruined my morning. The mom was really awful. After coming home, Bish hurt himself somehow so I took that opportunity to tell him that he hurt that little boy today. He finally told me that the little boy hit him with a laser...that mom RUINED my morning & her little boy was as guilty as mine. I CAN'T STAND STUPID PEOPLE!!!!!!!! (Must be hormones again....sorry;)

Have a great Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Shayden's Shower

YEA!!! We had Shayden's shower on Saturday & it was SO FUN!!! I hope it was fun for everyone else..I had a blast:)! We got SO much great stuff...Shayden is already SO spoiled & she isn't even here yet! She got some of the GREATEST clothes, bottles, blankets....there was pink EVERYWHERE! It was WONDERFUL:)!!!! The girlies bagged everything back up so when we got home I let Brad unwrap everything again...he had his own shower. He oohed & aahed for a little bit & then became a little alarmed at all the girliness of it all, I think:). I still have leftover cake too...that is a GREAT present:)!!

Not too much going on this week. We have Small Fry tomorrow& if the weather is nice we may go to the park & play. I am feeling very tired but I think that may be a feeling that isn't going to go away. I need to be going to bed earlier but it just doesn't seem to be possible. Bish is having a hard time going to bed & I would like to get to spend a few minutes of the day with Brad. Maybe tonight....:)

I better run...I need to go find all of my supplies for tomorrow! Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Gotta love Chuck E Cheese:)!! Posted by Picasa

THE BUCKET FAVORITE!!! Posted by Picasa

Who DOESN'T love a good old fashion game of whack-a-mole?!?!? Posted by Picasa

WHo will win?! BISHOP of course!! Posted by Picasa

Look hands:)! Posted by Picasa

He is a MASTER roller coaster rider....unlike his DADDY?!?!?!:) Posted by Picasa

He is finally brave enough to go into the "habitrails." Posted by Picasa

Who is having more fun?!?! Posted by Picasa

As far as Bish is concerned...the ticket muncher is just another win everytime:)! Posted by Picasa

"YEA! I got it!!" He beat his daddy at air hockey;)! Posted by Picasa

Playing Hooky

I should be at work & Bishop should be at school...that is the plain & simple truth. I took the day off because I have to work at McDonald's tonight & figured that i should not do both. Since I am planning on staying with Mickey D's next year I figured it made more since to work there. (That & i have a new manager that has never done a Spirit Night!!) So...Bish & I have done NOTHING!! He has watched movies & I have rested. (We did play some but mostly he just plays in my lap which is quite nice:)! This job has picked up lately....I hope that is a sign from God. I have been praying about the preschool...I have not felt God laying it on my heart to stay so I am feeling more peace about leaving. I would still like to sub if they will let me....I don't know if they will since I will have an infant. It will all work out...I know that in my heart. God has never let us down...I just want us to stay within His will for our lives. And I honestly LOVE my job at McDonald' is what I am good at....planning stuff:)! Shopping, being creative....I love it!!! And it looks good on my resume.....:) are some pics from last night. We are trying a new reward system with Bishop. If he can follow instructions & mind then he gets stickers & when he has enough stickers, he gets to go to Chuck E. Cheese or somewhere equally as fun. He did good yesterday so we went ahead & took him. He has had a good day so far....maybe this will help. I will gladly pay $20 a week for good well spent:)! I think I have given up on him behaving at school...don't get me wrong...he still gets in trouble & we talk about it but it is just not a good situation. I know that one of his teachers has singled him out as a troublemaker & I think Bishop has picked up on the negativity. I will be the first to admit that he is rough & hard to control but it IS possible. We had an incident a couple of weeks ago & Brad sat him down & talked to him about school. He asked Bishop if he liked this particular teacher & Bishop flat out said NO...he did not. So when he screams that he doesn't want to go to school it breaks my heart. I have thought about apporoaching the subject but have decided it is March & just to finish out the year & let it go.
Wow....I got long winded....I guess I needed to vent...THANKS!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


It has been brought to my attention that I blogged about going to the the doctor but have not reported on it. We got another good report...YEA!! I had to wait an hour & a half to see my doctor & do the nasty gluclose test so I didn't really enjoy it....but I shouldn't complain...everything seemed good!! The only trouble I am having is that I do not like my doctor. She was amazing when I was pregnant with Bishop...the BEST!! But this time she just doesn't seem interested. I don't know if they have aquired too much of a patient load or what but she rushes me out, won't answer questions, & even go argumentative with me over something silly. It does not make me feel good about her performing major surgery. I am praying for a positive experience in her office next time just so I can feel more at peace with her in charge. Seems like a small thing....sorry for complaining.

Shayden has been a bit of a pain lately...I have been experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions. They are not really all that fun but I am trying to keep more hydrated so that I can hopefully ward them off. She is quite an active little girl....I often wonder if she can possibly have the energy that Bishop has...frightening thought:)! Bishop is as ready for her to be here as we are...everytime we leave the doctors office he looks at me & says, "She didn't get her out!" As if I didn't notice:)!! He talks tp her everyday in the shower. He has the old faceplate off of my phone in there & that is how they communicate. He talks to Shayden on his "special" phone. It is very sweet...he sings her songs:)!!

Not much else new going on. I am still praying about working at the preschool next year. I have not felt God laying it on my heart to stay there so I am leaning towards quitting. McDonald's is in full swing right'd I get so busy there!??!?! I have three Spirit nights planned in the next two weeks....SHEESH!!! Brad is out of school for three weeks....PRAISE GOD!!! It is SO wonderful when he is not in school...I even got to go get a manicure last night...thanks baby!!!
Tammy should be here tonight LATE & I thought I wouldn't see her but Brad decided to switch to Direct TV last night so I have about 10 hours of programming to catch up on DVR before they turn it off. I CANNOT be behind on Amazing Race!!!! Bye guys! I will post some pics soon!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

We're home!!

As you can see from the pictures we had a fun time:)! We got to go to the farm, to my cousins birthday party, see my new baby cousin, & have a trillion vanilla root beers at the Tunnel:)!! I think it is good that we don't have a tunnel here....I would drink WAY to much caffiene!! Bishop had a blast...traveling was a little harder on my body then I would have liked. I didn't get much sleep & ended up not feeling well so I am happy to be home. I had fun but it wore me OUT!! Mom & I ended up coming home yesterday evening. She even helped me unpack before she went home....BIG help!! Thanks Mom!! We had Small Fry today & I got to meet my new manager. That was a relief! He seems like a very nice guy & wants to keep going with all of the programs we already have in place. Whew! Bishop & I haven't done much today..I think I will have to go indulge him in a game of High Ho Cherri-o's! He loves that game & actually understands it so it is fun! Hope that you all had a great weekend!! I go to the doctor tomorrow so I hope I will have a good report to blog about! If you guys haven't had the opportunity yet...go check out the link to "At home in Arkansas." That is Brad's cousin, Kerri, & she wrote about the tornado's that swept through their town this weekend...very well written & it is a reminder of God's amazing power & grace!!!!

***********Shawnee...we are BEAUTIFUL!!!***************************

All done....Bishop worked HARD!!! Posted by Picasa

Bishop thought he was cool because he got to check on the cows with Papa Bert!! Posted by Picasa

Riding the gator!!! Posted by Picasa

Finally it was off to the farm...Bishop had to "work:)" These are a few of our new babies:) Posted by Picasa

Look mom! I nailed the landing:)!! Posted by Picasa

That's about as high as the kite got...:) Posted by Picasa

I told you it was a redneck party....Brad & Bishop were trying to fly a kite:) Posted by Picasa

But my hubby blew them away with his form:) Posted by Picasa

Redneck birthday party...that's the birthday boy on the cousin Charlie:)! Posted by Picasa

Bishop strikes a pose with my grandparents new dog, Bentley...aren't they both adorable?!?! Posted by Picasa

Playing with Shadow, Bentley, & the neighbor dog Buddy:) Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 10, 2006


Whoo hoo!! Hellelujah!! PRAISE GOD!!! Spring Break has arrived & I am off work for a week:)!!! Time for spring cleaning, right?!?! HA HA!!! I will try to blog some this week...I will actually have a little time but for now...FAREWELL!! We are leaving for Altus in 2 hours & it may be my last venture home before Shayden comes. Brad & Dad will come back Sunday but Mom & I will probably stay until Monday or Tuesday to spend a little extra time with the family. I hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend!!!!


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Brad should be proud....

Bishop & I had to run a couple of errends after school today. I was NOT happy about it but I have had so much trouble with the local Wal-mart pharmacy that I decided it was easier to drive all the way to Grapevine to get my vitamins refilled. (They were cheaper too:)!! On the way Bishop & I were discussing his day at school. We happened to drive by an old townhome where Brad used to live with his mom & sister. I pointed this out to Bish & explained that Daddy lived there when he was a little boy a LONG time ago. He looked at me & said, "Mommy, daddy is not a boy...he is a MAN...we are Men!" So to see where he would go with this I asked him what "men" do? His next statement cracked me up. "Men have one job, mommy, they shoot deer." Only one job...shoot deer...thanks Brad for getting the kids priorities in order...

Lord help us...:)

This was after his day with Gammy...I think she sufficiently wore him out! Posted by Picasa

Bishop was PROUD of the tall, tall tower he built! Don't you love the no pant, one sock look:) Posted by Picasa

Shadow thought maybe he could help Brad with his homework:) Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 06, 2006

3 months is a LONG time:)

Well...another weekend has come & gone. Whew:)! There is SO much going on & yet June seems SO far away!! Tammy was here this weekend & we all had a nice visit though it was short....hopefully she will get to come back for the shower at the end of this month:)! She & Bish had a Gammy & Bishop day on Thursday...that was fun!! My parents came down on Sunday so Mom could go to Jennifer's shower & Dad helped Brad hang & paint trim in Shayden's room. Ahhhh...that is something else to get done...the nursery:)! That is fun but still WORK!! My house is a mess but I have given up on is all I can do to keep the laundry caught up & keep the family fed:). I am to the not so fabulous part of pregnancy... I am tired again & starting to swell & just feel overwhelmed. I am excited for this new chapter but am ready for it to begin.

My jobs are another issue right now. I am not sure whether I should keep both or drop one but if I drop one...which one?! I am praying for guidance...I am so unsure. I love working in a Christian preschool but they will have to charge for the baby & that will be expensive so I won't make much. I love McDonald's but my manager just quit so I am not sure where that leaves me. More stress....I know Elizabeth....stress deprives the baby of oxygen...I am not worrying...just WONDERING:)!!!!!

Brad is good....BUSY BUSY, but good. Bish is a nut! He is beginning to learn his alphabet....he can identify about half of the capital letters. He has a book that we like to read & he loves the He continues to amaze me EVERYDAY & is getting more excited about his baby sister. I am getting more & more nervous about the transition & him being away from me for FOUR days...that will be new!

Brad....I love you...please try to hang in there with me...I know that I am hard to live with right now. If Bishop could read...I'd tell him too;)!!!! They probably both wonder what happened to that sweet mommy that used to live here!!!

Her are some pics from this weekend!! Happy Monday!!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Waiting ever so impatiently for the parade to begin... Posted by Picasa