Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Three days and counting...

We have made it through the first three days of school. *whew* It is going well...Bishop LOVES it, I am getting used to driving back & forth to his school & Shadow & Shayden seem to be adjusting to Bishop's absense. We are settling into somewhat of a routine as we can get I guess:). I try to put Shayden down for a nap when we get home from dropping him off so I have time to clean & RELAX for 5 minutes:)!
Bishop assures me daily that he is not learning ANYTHING. They just play and eat snacks and go to the potty. Works for me....;)

What else is new in the Baker household:

~ Brad is now certified to sell Sentricon....a termite home defense system. If you need one, call him:) Heck, if you need any kind of pest control, call him...he does good work:).

~ Shayden is quickly turning into a toddler...she is JUST like Bishop at this age. She LOVES to turn off the television & empty my desk drawers. She has learned to love junk food & BEGS for it as only she can. Plastic hangers are her vice....

~ Shana is adjusting to this new life. Being a school mom is quite interesting. Car lines, lunch money, checking folders & worrying about checkmarks is a whole new ballgame. It has been stressfull but it will even out soon....I think:).

~ Shadow is better....we don't know if he is sick or was just missing Bishop during the afrernoon but he seems to be feeling better.

~ We are going home to Oklahoma for Labor Day and can't wait!! I want to relax at the farm:)

~ If you are on our Bunko team...look for an upcoming date soon....we need to gamble!!!

Have a FAB holiday weekend friends!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

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First Day of school....

Well, I survived. I left Bishop at his new school & I didn't cry....that much:). I WOULDN'T have cried if Brad hadn't sent me a text saying, "He will be fine....I love you & can't believe our baby is growing up." Brad is not one that speaks in emotional terms very often so that made me cry. Bishop did GREAT! We walked in....he wasn't a bit nervous. We walked to the cafeteria...I showed him where he would go get his lunch & then where to sit. He kind of scared me when we were waiting in line to pay for his lunch.
He looked up & said, "Mom, is this the FIRST day of school?"

I said, "Yes, it is."

He replied, "Is it LONG time until the LAST day of school?"

A little nervous that he was already wishing for the last day, I said, "It is a long time until the last will get to come here EVERYday!"

His response made me feel oodles better....he said, "YESSSSSSSS!!!" as only kids can:)

I waited with him until his teacher came & so far, I just love her. I can't say much for the principal....but his teacher seems very comfortable in her shoes. She is very sweet & made me feel really comfortable leaving him there. I wathced from a distance as they all walked to the classroom & stood at the door & watched him put away his backpack & sit down on the circle where his teacher told him too. I was quite proud (except the nose picking...we will have to discuss that:).

Here are a few pics from today....

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Huey, Duey, Luey, & Puey

When we first moved into our new house, we discovered that we has a birds nest on our porch. Knowing that there were eggs in it, we neither one had the heart to knock it down. Everyone told us we should because of the mess (& it WAS a mess!) but we just couldn't do it (ironic considering Brad is in PEST control:)!!! We dubbed the mommy Daisy & the daddy Daffy (we're original...I know:). Finally the babies came & we named them (from left) Huey, Duey, Luey, & Puey. I got the greatest kick out of these birds as they began to get used to us being there & quit flying off everytime we opened the door. They have since flown the coop but some people have assured me that they are the type of birds that come back to the sameplace. Against EVERYONE's wishes...I hope they d0:)!!!
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