Thursday, December 28, 2006


As usual, Shawnee finds all the cool stuff on the internet & I steal it:)! I love this though...this is the year of 2006 in pictures!! We had a wonderful Christmas that I will blog about as soon as I can find the words...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

YUMMMMM! Posted by Picasa
Hanging out in Santa's village:)! Posted by Picasa
Aren't we cute?! Posted by Picasa
Mom & I flew high on the swings:)! Posted by Picasa
Bishop on the teacups...he lOVES those!! Posted by Picasa
I look angelic in this shot...irony there, huh? Posted by Picasa
Mom & Dad strike a pose:)!
 Posted by Picasa
Bish rode ALL by himself...he is SO big:)! Posted by Picasa
Brad on the Carasoul at Six Flags:)! Posted by Picasa
On the way to the Christmas party...I should fix myself up more often:) Posted by Picasa
Christmas cards just went out on Saturday so don't worry if you haven't got one yet!! Posted by Picasa
Bishop informed Caleb that his present "was the best give EVER." Posted by Picasa
Bishop & Caleb have a snack before presents! Posted by Picasa
Shelly & I strike a pose with Santa too:)
 Posted by Picasa
Shayden's possee;)! Posted by Picasa
Shayden with Santa at McD's:)
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Bishop & his friends at our McDonald's Santa night! Posted by Picasa

Love is in the air:)!

Christmas is a time for LOVE.

"Let us love one another for love comes from God." 1 John 4:7

Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Christ. Love is the greatest of these & it comes FROM Christ...we don't deserve it...we haven't earned it...but we receive it anyways. It is our DUTY to share it...

I have finally realized that some people just don't know how to share it. They have no idea how to show love & compassion. Some people will always be inconsiderate. Some people will always think only of themselves. But it is my job to try to love them is a STRUGGLE at times...but it is my duty...I CAN do it!!

It has been a productive couple of days...much cleaning, much playing, MUCH laundry:)! We have made cookies & worked on an activity book about the birth of Jesus. We have even sat down & watched Christmas movies! I am SO excited about Christmas!! Bishop is going to love it & I think Shayden will just be in awe of everything going on. We are all battleing allergies so please pray that they get better & not worse. My mom & I may leave earlier than great-great aunt passed away. Yes...double great...she was 95 years old. She has not known anyone for the last couple of years so I know she is in a better place & you know what? She gets to be with Jesus on His birthday...what an arrival:)!! We would like to be there for the funeral though so we may head out a day early.
These are the weeks pictures...Brad & I got a day off last Saturday. We went shopping & then to his company Christmas party where we left with some FABULOUS prizes:)!! We came home to an empty house & SLEPT:)!! On Sunday evening, we left Shayden with Brad's mom & then took Bishop to Six FLags for Holiday in the Park. We had a GREAT time there. I must go...lots to finish before Shayden gets up from her nap:)!!!

Saturday, December 16, 2006


It has been a Bah Humbug kind of day. I feel bad for saying it out loud because Bah Humbugs drive me crazy but it has just been a day. I had to work & that took much longer than needed because the picture machine I was using at Wal-mart crashed & I had to re-edit 60 photos. Bish was a barrel of fun for that. Came home to a messy house & then a friend came over...that was the nice part of the day. Shayden started getting fussy & running a low temp...from shots I imagine but still not fun. I went back to Walmart to pick up a prescription which was a WHOLE nother fiasco that I won't talk about...only to say that it ended in me leaving without medicine after waiting for over an hour & me talking to the manager. I did still manage to smile at the greeter on the way out & tell her Merry Christmas. Before we could get in the car, Bishop stuck his foot in the buggy & got it stuck...why do these things always happen to me?! Why does my kid always get STUCK!?! I came home to a husband who had cooked dinner, picked up the house a little bit & even made the Fire & Ice pickles we needed to make. THAT was a nice surprise!!! SO...please forgive my bad attitude, Lord...tomorrow I will do better!!!! I will smile at EVERYONE:D!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Look who's sitting!!! Posted by Picasa
Go, go Gadget phone...:) Posted by Picasa
The fam:) Posted by Picasa
There it is:)!!! Posted by Picasa
Another try... Posted by Picasa
Trying for a Christmas card picture...
 Posted by Picasa
Shayden, Emerson, & Santa...Bishop was hiding...he stays as far away from Santa as he can;)
 Posted by Picasa
Shayden & Santa...his beard was real...Shayden tested it:) Posted by Picasa