Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Call it what you want...I'm FAT!!!! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 26, 2006


This week seems to be going much more smoothly for the Baker's!! I think the stomach bug has left the building which is s HUGE relief. Brad is super swamped with homework this semester...he is taking college algebra. YUCK!! I think that he understands it but when you take a math class online it is a MAJOR hassle and his teacher is major twirp about posting things. He likes to try to plan his homework & get it done on specific nights (for my sake:) & she is posting things sporadically just to make sure that people like him don't do that. I have come to the conclusion that there ARE people that just insist on being complicated. I just can't understand why. I am still having trouble with this pregnancy...everyday seems to bring more challenges with coping. It is nothing serious thankfully, I have just been overdoing & have been told to stop lifting as much as I can. I am just not sure how to not overdo because there is TOO much to be done. I have to work & I have to keep up with a three year old...even if I cut out everything else (which isn't possible:) then that is enough to keep me worn out. I know that this too shall pass. God handed this baby to us so he will provide a way to keep us both healthy (& sane:) until the end. What will be hard is not lifting Bishop...I lOVE, love, LOVE to cuddle with him....he'll just have to come to me I guess!!

Our lives SEEM so busy these days!! A wedding in the works, a college graduation:), at least 6 of my friends are pregnant not including me so LOTS of baby showers, preparing for our new little one, work, school...somedays I wonder how we do it!! And our lives aren't nearly as crazy as some I know.

*** I have to inform everyone that as I type my son is running around in underwear (YEA!) & a Dora backpack. I have to remember that the personality that gets him in trouble at school is the same one that makes him a one of a kind. I am sure that someday all the things that are bothersome now will make him very successful!!!***

The pictures are of my ever growing belly...yippee. I am getting bigger FAST....I feel like my face is already getting fat so I better get a good head shot in soon because as it swells...NO MORE PICTURES!!!! I think the last one before Bishop was born was taken mid-September. I control the camera in this family so that means I can DELETE me if I want to:)! Okay...boring blog is now ending...:)

Nope...just kidding....my grandma sent me this funny & it actually made me laugh out loud so...

1. Get 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in peoples carts when they aren't looking:)!
2. Go to the service desk and ask to put a bag of M&M's on layaway
3. Look right into the security camera; use it as a mirror, and pick your nose:)!
4. Hide in a clothing rack and when people browse through, say, "PICK ME!"
5. Go into a fitting room & shut the door and wait a while; and then yell, very loudly, "There is NO toilet paper in there!!"
*Kerri, I have the entire list if Brent here's that there are lots of strange things happening in stores:)!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Another week is slowly coming to a close....I think I am glad this one is over:)! On top of all of our Bishop drama, I caught a stomach bug yesterday. Not fun when you aren't pregnant...WORSE when you are. Luckily it was short lived. I was able to go to work for a couple of hours this morning. I would like to praise my wonderful husband for taking over last night. He & Bishop disappeared to the living room only to emerge for bedtime. It was a MUCH needed break for Mom seeing as I was curled into a little ball in the chair. So...THANK YOU BRAD!!!!!

I will try to post some pictures of the prego belly that is growing rapidly for all of those who live far far away:)! The doctor didn't tell me how much I had gained last time I was in though I would probably NOT post that anyways:)! The baby is growing & I feel it more & more...that is the FUN part. Brad has even got to feel it though I don't think he gets as excited as I do:)! Bishop is slowly accepting that "his" baby may be a girl. He still wants a baby boy but is starting to come around about the idea of a sister. He insists that we are going to name the baby "Little Partner." Uh huh...

I better run...I need to pick up the house before we leave. Have a fabu weekend!!!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Back on track...

I think I am back. I can make no promises these days but I think I have returned to the land of blogging:)! Thank you all for missing me!!!

It has been a long couple of weeks in the Baker house. As I type, Brad is in the bathroom trying his hand at plunbing since our little Bishop attempted to flush a seashell down the toilet. I mean he attempted to flush them down TWO toilets. Yes....my sweet little boy has turned into a quite the little troublemaker. Let's recount the week & why I haven't blogged, shall we?!
Yesterday he mangaged to turn off the refrigerator without our knowledge & ruined an entire fridge full of groceries. The day before that he got ahold of a Sharpie & went & colored on the living room wallpaper, the table in the living room & ALL over his body. That was in the TWO minutes I went in the kitchen to clean up the dinner mess?!?!?!?
Yesterday he got in trouble for school for not listening which is NO big shock because we are battling that at home. It is almost TOO much for a pregnant women to handle. He really is a sweet boy....I just can't figure out why he is acting out?! Do you think heould realize that life is about to change drastically?
Just so it doesn't sound like he is rotten...he is learning the most important lesson he can. We couldn't get in the front door the other day & finally I got the back door open after I found the spare key & when Bish finally realized it was open he siad, "Mommy, look.....it's open!! THank you Jesus!!!" So he is a sweetheart who is very loving....I can't figure out where this behavior is coming from? Me?
SO...that is my life the last few days & should explain the absence...I am not sleeping well & so am very tired & am dealing with some issues. I did want to blog. I did go to the doctor on Monday & got a good report. The heartrate is still 170 & all seems well. We should find out in the next two weeks what it is but I must confess I think it is a girl. Which of course is ironic because I am the only one that wanted another little boy:)! I will be happy either way of course....healthy is all I ask!
I must runl....I need to shower & put the child to bed....Happy Wednesday:)!!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

My fancy new desk:)!! Posted by Picasa


If you aren't from Texas (which I think most that read this are) then you don't know that Texas is being ravaged by wildfires ALL over the state. It is a very scary & tragic thing. Whole towns not far from here have been wiped out completely. So, in response to our church wanting to sponser a town that was completely demolished & my mother here to help....we cleaned out our closet. I got rid of a LOT of clothes & shoes & even purses. And you know what....besides helping my fellow man, it feels GOOD to have a little less stuff. My parents our going to come here next weekend to help us clean. We have GOT to get a little more organized if we want to fit all things baby into our home. So, they are going to come help because they love us...aren't they great?!?! (And because they have to haul it all off...we have NO trash service:)! It is such a releif to know that my house will get a face lift next weekend!! For those who truly know my mom...you know that my house will be SPOTLESS before she leaves. I can't wait!! The real challenge will be cleaning out the study/nursery...we have the computer out but the cabinets are FULL of stuff. And we have to clean out the kitchen cabinets. Andthe bathroom cabinets....and the list goes on. Basically it will be spring cleaning early....to get ready for a new family member:)! Speaking of the computer being out...it is now in the living room on the FABULOUS desk that Brad & my Dad built this weekend. It is the first thing you see when you walk in the house & it is beautiful. They did a great job & we are one step closer to having the nursery cleaned out. It was a long weekend....I didn't feel real great. But we had fun & it was certainly productive. Church was SO wonderful & uplifting....I can't even express how much it recharged my heart. SO...I leave you with my favorite new quote which is posted on my front door...

"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God."
Corrie Ten Boom

Friday, January 06, 2006

Beautiful flowers from a beautiful man....NO, not Brad:)!! Posted by Picasa

See how pretty they got, Robin?!?! Lucky YOU, I guess:)!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I LOVE THE BIRTHDAY BOY!!! Posted by Picasa

Very few guests attended but they were quite special ones:) Posted by Picasa

Brad was excited about his birthday presents:)!! Posted by Picasa

Happy New Year!!!

It's January the third & I am just now acknowledging that it is a wonderful New Year....that is probably a good indication of how the rest of the year will go...trying to catch up:)!!
We had a great New Year's. My girlfriend from Midland, Robin, drove in with her son Caiden & her fiance drove in from Austin so that we could meet & get to know him. It was a WONDERFUL weekend!! We really didn't do much but lounge around, play games, & hang out. I think Caiden is the only little boy on the planet that can keep up with Bishop's pace so they had a blast & entertained each other. Robin & I did have an exciting Saturday...we went shopping for her wedding dress!!!! Brad & Trent took the boys to Chuck E. Cheese & the park & Robin & I went shopping!!! That is her in the wedding dress though it is NOT the one she picked. I made her try that one on just for a laugh:)! What's sad is that I do not have one picture from New Year's Eve. We were such dorks....we barely made it until midnight. We were all ready to crash long before 12. It was a great weekend & it was hard to say good bye...at least when they move to Austin they will be closer. It was really nice to get to know Trent too...Robin, you did good!!

Monday was Brad's birthday!! Whoo hoo!!! The big 2-8!!!!!! We went & met my parents at Salt Grass for dinner, cake, & presents. A good time was had by all. Birthdays get less & less exciting as time goes by. Bishop looks forward to his for months, we decide the day of to go have dinner. Such is life I guess:)! Brad had a good time I think!

Brad...I know there wasn't much in the way of gifts this year....I thank you for being a wonderful husband & father & I know that someday in the future we will make up for these times!! We have come so far in the last four years. You have to admit it has been quite a journey:)! Maybe a LONG one but a journey either way!! You are my rock, what keeps me grounded. Thank you for being the man that I need & loving me through my faults!! I love you.....