Thursday, May 27, 2010

Greener Pastures

Imagine your a cow.
YES...I realize you are NOT a cow. Work with me...I'm creating an analogy.
So...we are pretending to be cows. I, myself, am going to be a Holstein. I think they are the cutest of cows and they are featured on Happy Cow commercials and I want to be a happy cow. The commercials claim that happy cows come from California which I think is bogus because I think Texas cows are VERY happy...but that's not the point.
We are cows. We wander around a field all day. We are average happy cows. We have had a few calves and we are settled into our farm routine and things have been rocking along for about 6 or 7 years. Long enough for the farmer to take our happy existance for granted...he long ago quit trying to make us happy. Long enough for us cows to forget how hard the farmer works to provide us food, shelter, and nice pasture.

Then one day...we notice something we hadn't noticed before. A fence.

A beautiful fence. And though we are drawn to the is the unknown on the other side of the fence that keeps us moving toward it. We have loved the farm and the farmer...but it's gotten boring and we feel unappreciated for all the work we do. The exciting possibilities on the other side of the fence seem so exciting. We should just peek.
And there it is.

It's more beautiful than anything you have ever seen. Much better than the farm you currently live at. And the farmer...well...let's just say he loves to make you happy. It's perfect. No more farmer taking you for more mundane existance on a seriously stale farm. Life on the other side of that fence has the potential to make us happier than we have ever been. Who cares if the other cows get upset...who cares if our farmer who has provided for us for the past 7 years gets's not our fault. The calves...they will get over it in time. They will LOVE the new barn AND the new farmer.
Who are we kidding ladies? Please excuse the fact that I just compared us to cows belonging to farmers. It was the best I could come up with. But this is the reality than many women face daily...greener pastures. And I am here to tell you...what we see on the other side of the fence is a's NOT real. It looks greener because we convince ourselves it is. The reality is that it's green for only a few feet...and then it turns desolate and dirty.
And when we realize the's often too late. We turn to look back at the fence and long for the existance we had. Suddenly we're thrust into a world of where we must work doubletime to make ends meet...and in the land of single mother hood. Don't get me wrong...I am not dissing single moms. I've been one and though it is very can be completely overwhelming.
I don't know what inspired me at 6 AM to write this blog...I am assuming someone needs to see it and I hope that I can convince you that peeking over the fence is a really bad idea. It seems exciting but a LOT of people are going to get hurt....your children included. I would love to pray for you, whoever you are...I've been in your shoes.
Happy Thursday friends...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh how HE loves us...

Sometimes I have to pinch myself.

Sometimes this life feels too good to be true. all just seems to be too well written. My life plays out like a story...with twists and turns that can be downright frightening and often times overwhelming. But soon enough the storm will quiet...things slow down...and in the hazy begin to understand. You can look back with eyes that can suddenly see better and realize that even in the midst of the was all orchestrated perfectly.

Never a coincidence...never an's always God.


I don't have all the answers...I can't tell you why parents abandon their children. Or why a young mother loses her life. I just know that in the midst of every trial...He is ALWAYS there.

I have already been blessed enough to witness the amazing transforming power of Christ in my own marriage and it was beyond amazing. But I lived I saw it through a microscope. It all happened in such a way that I didn't get to me mesmerized with the sheer glory and might of my Lord and Saviour.

But I got to stand back and witness this same amazing grace through a wider lens. I got to catch a glimpse of God's plan and purpose for my dear friends life come to fruition. God had shown her a part of the plan many months ago and she shared it with me. And today...he revealed the rest of the plan.

It made my heart LEAP...literally leap with joy.

I sat on the phone and cried...because I am immensely happy for her...and because it was just so AMAZING to be a witness to God's amazing power. AMAZING power.

I give praise and glory to God....I cannot even put into words how wonderful God's love for us is.

Have a blessed and wonderful day, friends....SEEK and you SHALL find:)