Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things That Make Me a Redneck

1. I live out in the boonies on a gravel road.

2. My house is something that many would judge...I am the queen of the doublewide, folks:)

3. If you open my backdoor, you will encounter three goats who think they are puppy dogs...Lady, Tinkerbell, & Tammy/Tommy

4. I LOVE to just sit on a front porch swing & just watch the cows eat & be with my family.

5. I can keep up with anyone on a out!

6. I am a great shot...I don't hunt but I can hit any target...don't mess with me.

7. I have actually stood on a fence to keep a pig in her pen & was LIFTED off the ground & thrown 2 feet...stop laughing Katie...I don't miss Miss Prissy.

8. Most of the meat in my freezer came from animals that had names is a family members field:)! Hello Miss Wichita...:)

9. I have danced in the bed of a truck...yes, alcohol was involved.

10. I have gotten lost on a ranch only to run into the county deputy in the middle of the field & instead of asking me what I was doing...asked how I was & told me his daughter would be excited to see me.

11. I have drank on a sofa on a FRONT PORCH with friends...yes, yes I have.

12. I have actually been to a dance where men with no teeth, wearing wife beaters or old men in overalls have asked me to dance...I always opted for the old men:)

13. I LOVE country living & I would not change one thing on this list...many made me laugh as I jogged down memory lane but life as a Redneck is so much more fun:)!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I am constantly amazed at how much he loves her...I pray daily that they will always be close! Posted by Picasa
Happy 50th Dad!!! Posted by Picasa
Shayden is DETERMINED to suck her thumb...bummer! Posted by Picasa

My weather pixie...

You may or may not have noticed my little weather pixie just below the links to other blogs. For the past couple of months she has been there wearing little clothing because it has been so blasted HOT! For those of you not from is ridiculously hot...the stuff nightmares of Hell are made of. When it is 106 degrees in the are in trouble! Anyways...I am a huge dork for noticing or caring but TWO days this week she held an UMBRELLA...yes, you read umbrella!! The rain was a GLORIOUS sight...we needed it so deperately...and when I looged on & saw her standing in raindrops, I just giggled with glee!!! It takes so little to amuse me:)!! And imagine my delight when I logged on this evening & saw her standing in a long skirt instead of her normal short is 75 degrees people...she needed more clothes!! How wonderful!!!!! Just wanted to share my simple pleasures....good night!!

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Feast One Hundred & Eight

Appetizer - If you could have a free subscription to any magazine, which one would you like to have?
US Weekly...celebrity gossip is my guilty pleasure:)

Soup - Describe your living room (furnishings, colors, etc.).
My living room is a work in progress. We have a general color theme of any shade of blue...I LOVE is such a soothing color. We have a ton of pictures on the entertainment to be surrounded by the people I love too! The computer is also in the living room which means I spend a LOT of time there:)!

Salad - What does the shape of a circle make you think of?
A wedding is something that goes on forever & never just goes round & round & round...

Main Course - Name 3 things in your life that you consider to be absolute necessities.
1...Cell phone
2...My car
3...Hair products

Dessert - What was the last really funny movie you watched?
The Wedding Crashers...hilarious...I LOVE love LOVE Vince Vaughn

Thursday, August 24, 2006

My first near heart attack...

Well...I almost had my first heart attack yesterday. Jennifer G can laugh because she was on the phone when it happened. My dear friend Michelle warned me that this would come & I was still caught off guard. Yesterday Brad laid Shayden on our bed to take a nap. I got up to leave the room & he freaked. Who would watch Shayden. I asked him exactly how she was going to go anywhere surrounded by pillows? As I sat on the computer only a few feet away, Bish approached me & said, "Shayden wanted to swing Mommy..she told me she did."
I looked up quickly & replied, "You didn't pick her up did you?!" "No Mommy."
PHEW...scare bear!! I continued talking to Jenn & decided I should go check on her. I walked into the bedroom & I am sure my heart stopped when I realized that where she had been laying was empty. The pillows were still there but NO Shayden!! I glanced quickly at the floor & saw no baby & started to panic. I began to run & as I did realized she was laying peacefully in her swing. YES...BISHOP CARRIED HER TO THE SWING!! I yelled at Bishop to come here.
"Did you move your baby sister?!" "Yes, Mommy...I TOLD you she wanted to swing!"
We had a long conversation about how he nice it was that he wanted to help but that he shouldn't pick her up by himself. What a day...I think I have new gray hairs...:)

On another note...what the heck is going on in the world of science?! WHat happened to good old Pluto...what did it do to deserve to be demoted!?! How will I ever be able to help my kids with their science homework?! What's next...there is NO such thing as dinosaurs...or the Ice Age is a myth?!?!? What is going on?!?!?:)
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The FIRST Thirteen Things I Would Do If I Won the $200 Million Jackpot

1. I would tithe my 10o God's works...
2. I would pay off ALL of our debt & that of my family
3. I would buy a lot of land somewhere out here & build several houses...none too extravagent...just REALLY nice:) for close friends & family to come live gratis
4. I would start a charity for single that provides housing & help for single moms trying to get on their feet.
5. I would also buy property on the Brazos river...going to be there a lot:)
6. I would donate $50,000 to the Humane Society
7. Buy new cars...I want a pink hummer & a Brad wants a ferrari of some sort...I think we will give away Ford Mustangs for Christmas that year:)
8. I would go NYC...anyone care to join me?!
9. Hey guys...we're all going to Vegas for the week:)!!
10. Elizabeth or Jennifer...can I offer you a job as a nanny?! I pay well...;)
11. Brad owes me my Disney World Honeymoon only I think we will take the entire family instead:)!!
12. I would probably quit my job...he he
13. RELAX...because I more financial worries...I would just enjoy life & volunteer, love my husband & kids & try really hard not to let it go to my head.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

A happy girl:) Posted by Picasa
She is just chillen in her TOO COOL outfit:)! Her first mini-skirt...:) Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Shayden showing her true colors:) Posted by Picasa
Bishop decided he could share his Binksie with Shayden:) Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 18, 2006

aaaaaaahhhh...they are SO cute when they are happy!! Do they look alike?! Posted by Picasa
 Posted by Picasa
 Posted by Picasa
Love that smile... Posted by Picasa
I've had lots of questions about her they are. They are just like mine:)!! Posted by Picasa

Just another photo shoot...

Does everyone get tired of pictures of the kids? I feel like I rarely blog on here is just pictures of the kids & updates on our that boring?!?!? I have REAL blogs on myspace...there is a link if anyone is interested.

Life is moving along. Nothing of note to really write about. As chaotic as my life seems...when you sit down to actually write about's kind of boring. Holding, feeding, playing with kids...laundry, dishes, picking up clutter. A trip to the grocery store, McD's one day, Sonic sometime betwen 2 & 4. Visiting friends to get out of the house...a little t.v., diapers, pottys, baths, a shower for me...BED:)!! And I get up the next day & pray for it to never end!!!

These are some pics I took the other day...some how they were both in a great mood at the same time?!?! I hope everyone has a BLESSED & WoNDERFUL weekend!!


Feast Number One Hundred & Seven

Appetizer: What color is your car?
Blue...I have no love for the color of my car but the price was right & it was the only's amazing how priorites change in your choice of vehicles:)?!?

Soup: If you could wake up tomorrow with full training in another occupation and a job in that field, what would it be?
I have training in a career that I planning, conventions, etc....I just need the job.
I would really like to have training in computers...that way I could do some of this stuff myself instead of asking LaShawn or Jodi;)!!

Salad: How many times in your life have you had the flu (or something similar)?
Twice & it was HORRIBLE. One of those times was when I was mom gave me the adult dosage of a flu medicine & I was literally stoned for like 4 hours. At the time it seemed I would kill for some of that euphoria:)!!

Main Course: What is something that has happened to you this week that you didn't expect?
A present for my grandpa arrived in the mail. It wasn't supposed to get here for like 6 weeks & it got here in less than 2. I am excited because he will LOVE it:)!! (OSU address labels...for the record...)

Dessert: How old were you when you had your first kiss?
Five & some of you that read this will know who I am referring too....a one, Lyndon Couch:)!! My first REAL kiss came sometime later...I was 12 or 13 I think...Chris Pring:)!!
Thirteen Things That Annoy Me

1. The TEKS test & the educational system in Texas

2. People who talk crap about the President...he is doing the best he can...I LIKE HIM...there, I said it!!

3. People who disappear from our lives only to reappear a few weeks or even months later & pretend like their absence was no big deal.

4. People judging other people because they are not like them...

5. That ALL Sonic's don't have happy hour...they should.

6. Brad & his laundry hard is it to get dirty clothes to the hamper?!?!?

7. Complete strangers who think it is okay to come up & push their beliefs & idea's on me.

8. Wireless internet...sometimes it works well...sometimes it doesn't work at all...hence the reason the Thursday Thirteen is being done on FRIDAY!!!

9. 80's clothing...I mean, who decided to bring that decade back?!!? YUCK!!!

10. The amount of hair that my dog sheds EVERYDAY!!

11. People who say they are going to do something, don't do it, & pretend that it never happened!!

12. People who try to guilt people into coming to church or other religious activities...this is not the way to reach people.

13. The fact that I REALLY want to take a nap & it will NEVER happen!!!!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bishop & Caleb thought they should drag out the winter gear. Never mind that it was 105 degrees outside?!?!?! What goobers:)!!! Posted by Picasa
My sleeping beauties... Posted by Picasa
Why can't they sleep at the same time?!?!?! Posted by Picasa
Shayden & Caden share a moment...:) Posted by Picasa
Shayden a.k.a. Princess Pissy Pants got to play footsies w/Caden a.k.a. Mr. Chunky Cheeks...:) Posted by Picasa
Our friend, Donald finally got the nerve to hold Shayden...I think he thought she was too teeny at the hospital:)!! Posted by Picasa

Chaos is the best way to describe it...

Or maybe complete mayhem...I'm not sure. OH wait...I will have to come back & finish this later...Shayden is crying:)!!


Okay...Shayden has been fed but now Bishop wants to play on the computer...


Okay...maybe I can get a minute in between dishes, laundry, & the ABC game:)! Things are chaotic but wonderful. Shayden is doing MUCH better. I say that as she just woke up crying but the medicine is finally helping & she is crying less. I think she is close to laughing out loud which will be music to my ears:)!! Brad & I are trying to let her cry herself to sleep at night...we won't let her cry for too long but they say about now is when they begin to condition themselves to being held & rocked. They learn all too young that if they cry someone will come running. I would rather let her cry 10 minutes now then 2 hours later. And besides...I need some MOMMY time!! She is crying intermittingly right now...she is slowly learning to self sooth. I feel like such a mean mom but it is so much harder with the second...there isn't as much time to just snuggle & coddle her. It doesn't seem fair but that is life, I suppose.

Life is getting better...I must say that this has been the hardest summer I have ever had to deal with. Shayden coming into our lives was the greatest blessing but the non stop crying for two months was HARD to endure. That on top of all of the adjusting & huge life changes have made it a summer to remember. I can't believe that it is mid-August!?!?! Kids are back in school (I'm sad that I am not:). The heat down here has been record breaking...I am over it. If we have three more 100 degree days this will be the hottest summer on record. It is MISERABLE!!! I think I got 2nd degree burns on my feet when I walked out on the front porch like an idiot!!

Must go...many things to finish before I can go to bed!!! Happy Tuesday!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday Feast One Hundred & Five

Appetizer: Tell about a toy you remember from your childhood.
Barbie...I LOVE Barbie. She could be anything she wanted to be...and her wardrobe...hello, any girls dream:)! A million purses, a million shoes, jewelry...MAN!! And Ken was just an accessory...nothing Barbie had to have...something little girls are NOT taught!!

Soup: If you could make one thing in the world absolutely free for everyone, what would it be?
GAS...we would all have a LOT more money if we did not have to pay for gas at $3.00 a gallon!!!! We would save over $200 a month...then we could pay off our hospial bills...

Salad: Approximately how many times per day do you think about your significant other?
About a million...that's how many times he calls me because he is BORED!!!! (BUT I love it...)

Main Course: What is something you believe in 100%?
That no matter what happens, no matter how bad things seem...God will always have my back & be there to help me pick up the pieces!!!

Dessert: Name one thing you have done this week that you would consider a "good deed."
I'm not really sure what a good deed is. It seems like everything that comes to mind is something that Jesus would EXPECT me to it a good deed if you are supposed to do it anyways?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thirteen Things on My mind TODAY

1. Will this house ever be clean again or has the clutter taken over?

2. I really miss my Mama...I wish I could talk to her about the trials & tribulations of having two kids.

3. What will will happen now that Erica has won HOH on Big Brother?

4. my friend Lori

5. Will Brad ever understnad what I do all day?

6. Planning my anniversary is a month away at least but I need a break so bad that I am already dreaming about it.

7. My kids I enough...I feel like there is not enough of me to go around.

8. I would really like to have the Coach patchwork tote...will they still have it at the outlet around Christmas?

9. Should I cut my hair or leave it long...highlight or dye it?

10. What kind of item should I make for our church's annual Harvest fest...I wonder if I can convince McD's to donate something?

11. My mom, aunt, & grandpa...I worry about them...they are having such a hard time.

12. Shayden & her stomach issues...will things continue to get better?

13. I really need a pedicure...I could read while they paint my toes...I love the book I am reading.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

New pictures

I am really running out of creative titles. I just wanted to share the weekends pictures with everyone. I guess this is really an update on the kids....

Shayden is getting bigger EVERYDAY!! She constantly changes. She is smiling now & crying less which is a HUGE relief!! She can turn from her back over to her side. She can hold her head up pretty well & is even beginning to play with her kick & play. She is still a little fussy in the evenings but not near as bad as she was. She is TWO MONTHS OLD TODAY!!! That is shocking to me!

Bishop seems to mature more everyday also. Some of the things he says just floor me...who is this kid & where did he come from?! He is supposed to be a barely talking 2 year old. I listened to our answering maching a while ago & the difference in how he talked then & how he talks now is amazing. He uses words like "actually" & "frustrating." I slammed on the brakes the other day & he told me, "That's not good, Mommy." NUT!!!!! He finished his last day of school yesterday...he is taking a year off. We have already bought a couple of books to work on at home. He knows the alphabet & numbers so I guess we will start letting him try to trace the letters. He is too smart for his own good!!! He is now obsessed with the Power Rangers. He can't watch the movies but he loves the action figures! He still loves trains & Buzz & even the Wiggles. He & Brad went & saw them in concert last weekend. HE LOVED it...he is ready to go back. Bishop still loves having Shayden here which is amazing considering how much time she takes away from him. He still loves to hold her & when she is crying & I ask him to give her the paci...he says, "That's just how she talks mom!" Love it!! Such a GREAT big brother!!!!

Love you all..I must go tend to the children...:)
My new favorite picture...Bishop & Shayden laughing:)!!! Love it!!! Posted by Picasa
Check out the shirt Red Raider Fans:) Posted by Picasa
My sweet kids!!! Brad has a mini me & I have one now too:)!! Posted by Picasa
GUNS UP BABY!!!! Posted by Picasa
My handsome boy....not even a toddler face anymore:(
 Posted by Picasa