Monday, June 26, 2006

The newest picture of Ms. Shayden...she is getting bigger!!! Posted by Picasa
Bishop LOVES to take pictures...he took this one of his baby sister eating:) Posted by Picasa
Bishop loves his Shadow...another of his photos... Posted by Picasa
Bishop's snapshot of Shelah... Posted by Picasa
A self portrait...:) Posted by Picasa
Bishop took this shot...I think he likes "abstract" photos...:) Posted by Picasa


I know, I know. I have been quite neglectful...BUT you should have seen Shayden's personal website by now!! Many props & thanks to Jodi for doing it!! It is AWESOME!! If you have somehow missed out...the address is:

Things are going well. Today was my first day truly solo & I think it has been good. Shayden slept really well last night (THANK YOU LORD!!) & has had a pretty good day. She had an amazing morning...she was a little fussy this afternoon but I can handle things if I get a good half day:)! Bishop had a GREAT day...he even took a nap. This is the kind of day dreams are made of...I am praying for many more:)!!!!

I do have a prayer request. My grandmother goes in for testing tomorrow & there is some concern that the problem is serious. She is in a lot of pain & we are all having a hard time. Please keep her in your prayers.

Here are a few pics to get me caught up...some of them Bishop took...HAPPY MONDAY!!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Alert & awake...showing some personality!! Posted by Picasa
Lost in sweet dreams..;) Posted by Picasa
Look at those eyes!! We aren't sure what color they are but they are bEAUTIFUL!!! Posted by Picasa

I missed a day!!!

I missed a day!! I was trying to get pictures posted everyday until Sunday but I got behind. Yesterday was a CRAZY day. Mom took Bishop to the park to play. Shayden was asleep so I got ready to take a shower. I noticed that my incision looked scary so I called the doctor to ask about it. Mind you, it is 11 o'clock. The girl answered the phone & told me that they only see patients until 12 & then kept transferring me to voicemail. I finally called her & told her that if they only see patients until 12 then I need to know if I need to head that way...I live 30 minutes away...could I please talk to a nurse or someone? She finally said, "just come in if you need to." I called mom who had to cut Bishop's park journey short & when she saw it she was like, "OH." Enough said...she is my voice of reason & she thought it looked bad. We threw everything & everyone in the car & left. I had no diaper bag ready for Shayden & it was time for to eat. I hadn't had a shower...I looked a mess...FUN TIMES!!! When we got there, they had no idea why we were there, BUT they did see me. Luckily, I did not have an infection...I had some type of allergic reaction to the adhesive they put around it. They gave me cream & sent me on my way. So...all in all, it was a good trip. I am okay. Mom got to play Super Nana for the first time. She got stranded in the waiting room with Bishop AND Shayden who needed to eat. She survived too though. Needless to say...I am getting the diaper bag together so I will have it if needed:)! Here are the latest pics I have of Shayden...they were taken this morning just for blogging purposes:)!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Her first swing...she seemed to enjoy it! Posted by Picasa
She fell asleep quickly!! Posted by Picasa
Shayden got to meet her first boyfriend today...Chase Williams:)!! Posted by Picasa
Shawnee knows how to grow babies...he is HUGE compared to miss Shayden:)!!  Posted by Picasa
Shayden got to try out her new bouncer!! Posted by Picasa
What more do you need in life besides a sucker that lights up!?! Posted by Picasa

Shayden's first date..:)

Today was a good day. Shayden had a rough night but got better as the day went along. Shawnee came to see us so Shayden got to meet her boyfriend, Chase:)! Oh my gosh, has he grown in a month!?!?! He makes Shayden look TINY!!! It was nice to have a visitor...thanks for making the drive Shawnee!! When the boys are back, we'll do it again!! Bishop was MOST upset because Shawnee came solo, without Austin & Brodie. He has a good day today. We played many games of "Cherries" & Candy Land. He is now running around chasing the dogs...& did I mention that Brad is trying to learn how to make balloon animals...never a dull moment around here....;)

I would love to blog more but Shayden is calling!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

New pictures

I don't have much time...just wanted to post some new pics for the family!! Things are going well. Shayden is a GREAT baby thus far. I am still having aches & pains but they are slowly getting better. Please pray for Brad...he has to go back to work tomorrow & I know it will be hard for him to do that. He has enjoyed being home with his family & getting to dote on his little girl. Needless to say...we will miss him too.

Brad...I just want to tell you that you are wonderful I love you more than words can say. You have been my rock & I know that I have been rough to deal with at times. I could not do ANY of this without your love & support. You are amazing....
She always has time for some brotherly love!!! We are so proud of how Bihsop is handling all of this!!! Posted by Picasa
Preemie clothes are too big for this little one...does the outfit look familiar Lindsey?!?! We would be in trouble if you hadn't sent some of Braylee's clothes!!?! Posted by Picasa
FINALLY, a picture of NANA with her new grandbaby...this is for LYDIA:)!!! Posted by Picasa
Our little Houdini always manages to get ONE foot & ONE hand out of her blanket... Posted by Picasa
Brad is gettting in as much baby time as he can...he will hate having to go back to work! Posted by Picasa
My baby who doesn't look like a baby anymore...:( Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Shayden LOVES to curl up on her daddy's chest...can't say i blame her...:) Posted by Picasa
Getting ready to go home...& see Bishop!!! Posted by Picasa
Doesn't this make her look SMALL?!?! Posted by Picasa
Ready to head on home...:) Posted by Picasa