Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Three days and counting...

We have made it through the first three days of school. *whew* It is going well...Bishop LOVES it, I am getting used to driving back & forth to his school & Shadow & Shayden seem to be adjusting to Bishop's absense. We are settling into somewhat of a routine as we can get I guess:). I try to put Shayden down for a nap when we get home from dropping him off so I have time to clean & RELAX for 5 minutes:)!
Bishop assures me daily that he is not learning ANYTHING. They just play and eat snacks and go to the potty. Works for me....;)

What else is new in the Baker household:

~ Brad is now certified to sell Sentricon....a termite home defense system. If you need one, call him:) Heck, if you need any kind of pest control, call him...he does good work:).

~ Shayden is quickly turning into a toddler...she is JUST like Bishop at this age. She LOVES to turn off the television & empty my desk drawers. She has learned to love junk food & BEGS for it as only she can. Plastic hangers are her vice....

~ Shana is adjusting to this new life. Being a school mom is quite interesting. Car lines, lunch money, checking folders & worrying about checkmarks is a whole new ballgame. It has been stressfull but it will even out soon....I think:).

~ Shadow is better....we don't know if he is sick or was just missing Bishop during the afrernoon but he seems to be feeling better.

~ We are going home to Oklahoma for Labor Day and can't wait!! I want to relax at the farm:)

~ If you are on our Bunko team...look for an upcoming date soon....we need to gamble!!!

Have a FAB holiday weekend friends!!!

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LaShawn said...

Have fun in OK!