Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just another day in the Baker house...

I have been accused of being a slacker *gasp*!!!! So, I am back...:)
Last Friday, I picked Bishop up from school & he had something very important to tell me. He informed me that there was a girl in his class named Samara & that she told him that they were getting married. He looked at me & said, "So, I am going to have a wedding & you need to be there, mom." When his dad got home & learned of the upcoming event he informed Bishop that when you get married you have to move out. Bishop assured us that he would NOT be doing that:). I have heard nothing else about it so I have no idea where the relationship stands at this point:).
We made it through that to deal with THIS conversation....well, Brad did anyways.:) He graciously volunteered (uh huh...RIGHT) to go give the kids their bath, I stayed downstairs to enjoy some internet my enjoyment, this is the conversation that I got to hear:):
Bishop: "Daddy, what are these?"
Thoughtful silence...
Brad: "Those are testicles, Bishop"
Me...starting to laugh to myself downstairs...:)
Bishop: "What are they for?"
Brad: "BISHOP...don't pull on them like have to be gentle with them."
Me rolling on the floor...
Bishop: "Oh...sorry...but what are testibles for?"
Brad: "They are called test-i-cles and they are what make you a man"
Bishop: "So girls don't have them OR a come girls don't have them?"
And Brad knowing that this conversation was headed nowhere a 5 year old could understand gave the answer of all answers. "because God made it that way."
I was literally crying...I was SO glad that he had taken bath duty that night....:)
On to Shayden. She has decided that toilet paper basketball is the GREATEST game ever invented. Her favorite new pasttime is to go into the bathroom & tear off tiny pieces of toilet paper and throw them in the trash. It makse the bathroom floor look SO lovely. She has also decided that she knows how to blow her OWN nose..and her baby dolls as well. So, I am now resorting to HIDING the toilet paper. If you come to my home & go to the bathroom only to see an empty toilet paper holder...DO NOT BE ALARMED! Just look around...I am just hiding it from the wee one.
I am done for today...have a Wibderful Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how long we have been hiding the t-p!

And I LOVE Brad's answer, I will use it at school from now on!


Susan said...

Aren't kids funny - if we listen, we can learn all sorts of things from them, and get a good laugh!