Saturday, June 14, 2008


It has been brought to my attention how very badly I have been neglecting this blog. I do blog on myspace quite a bit but have been ignoring this page. I guess it is because this was more of a family blog and our family is...well...complicated? I have deleted the picture and will put one of the kids up soon....Shawnee is working on a new header...maybe I can get back on track.

The kids are fabulous...both are in here at the moment. Bishop is riding the excercise bike & begging for a pepsi. Shayden is sitting on the floor patting her babies to sleep. That is her new favorite dolls. She LOVES them...she rocks them, feeds them, pushes them around in their stroller. But laying them down with a blanket and patting their backs is what gets me. SHe is a good little momma:). Bishop is five. I say that because it is the best way to describe him. He is precious and SO very smart but what an age!!! The attitude this kid can muster amazes me...I shouldn't be surprised seeing that I am his mom but wow!! He did pass pre-k so it is on to kindegarden next year!!!

I am not working much this summer. I am still doing the McD's and wedding planning but school is out so no more subbing. I wanted to work but with daycare going to cost me $1000 a month...I decided to finish up school and start taking the millions of tests needed to become a teacher. Homework has been challenging. I am SO tired of reading...but only two more classes. I am signed up to take a test next week...pray for me. I have seen the practice test and am REALLY apprehensive about it. I have applied for several fingers are crossed....

Things are okay...I have good weeks where I feel like God is in control and things are on the right track and bad ones where I lose sight of that. I suppose that is normal. It has only been 6 months and I know that God will show me His plan when He is ready. Patience is just not my strong point....:).

I will try to do better....:)

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear your back, have a fantastic summer with the kids and good luck for the exams. Loved the pics of Shaydon on Lashawns blog. She's a princess.
Kym/Bris Aust