Monday, July 14, 2008

Playing Catch up

I am behind. On everything. Not school or jobs or anything like that...just on the little things in life and I can't seem to catch up. I forgot Katie's birthday. For those of you who don't know Katie...she is my cousin and one of my best friends. She turned 24 on July 3rd and I didn't call her. I didn't send a card, I didn't sing happy birthday. I simply didn't realize the day had passed until she wrote something about it on her myspace. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!! I sent Jodi's bday present to her last month...her birthday was in APRIL!!! I still haven't gotten my dad a Father's Day card...I just can't catch up, Jodi got a promotion and I didn't send a card, Sheila lost her dad and the sympathy card is laying on my dresser. And it is really bothersome for me because that was my gift. I ALWAYS sent cards and thank yous...uh huh...yea...Shayden't birthday thank you's...HA. I don't even have a good excuse...I think is some kind of mental block and I can't figure it out. Maybe I should just go to the a handful of random cards, a book of stamps and then I will be prepared...that would be a GREAT birthday gift:).

Speaking of birthday's...mine is this week. I will be 29...the last official birthday of my 20's. You have NO idea how surreal that is. TWENTY NINE....the last year before thirty. You know...that magic age that you thought makes you OLD...scare bear!!! I am trying to embrace it...I realize now that 30 is not old. It is a rite of passage...:). RIGHT...tell myself that:). Seriously...I look at my life and the things I do and I wonder just how crazy my parents were at this age that I was oblivious to. They always seemed so boring and I question how they spent their Friday nights while I was with the sitter:).

Okay...enough rambling...

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Amy Heiman said...

I'm with you on just being behind. I realized the other day that I have approximately 20 cards for various occasions that I picked up but never sent. Oy.

This time in our lives--when we have small children--will probably be the busiest of all. I'm trying to go with the flow...But it's exhausting!