Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Playing Catch Up

This is my "catch up" day and that includes the blog. I have been cleaning, I have had the KIDS cleaning, I've been doing homework, and catching up on DVR. I have been working on a blog about America and how sad it is to watch out country right now...but I haven't finished it so for now...catch up time:).

I had an interview and many of you sent emails and prayers...THANK YOU. The interview itself went really well. I was immediatly intimidated when I walked in...there were three women waiting. I did feel confident though...this is an area that I understand. They asked about the Restaurant Association test which I have taken and passed. They asked what I think a big problem facing teachers is and I answered LACK OF PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT (be involved parents!!!). We talked about what programs they want and what I feel would be good for them to offer. It went very well and they were complimentary. It was easier because I went in with the attitude that this will or won't work out and that is okay...I want to be where God needs me to be. The job is exactly what I want...the situation is exactly what I don't want. The plus side: Family & Consumer Science and they want my input on what classes to teach; they DO have a Chicken Express; PK is close by:). Down side: It would require moving to Graham...about 2 hours west of here. Graham is a great place but I would have no help of any kind. And I know that millions of women before me have done it and millions after me will as well...but I don't want that. I have great admiration for women who have done it with no one...but that is not how God intended it to be and I am blessed to be in a situation where it doesn't have to be that way. SO....anyways...we will see. If God makes it obvious that Graham is my plan...then I WILL go...I know if He leads me there, HE will work it out. see the dilemma...I will keep you posted. They are accepting apps until the end of April so I don't expect to hear anything too soon.

And that is about I am still subbing...I just finished a long term subbing position as a school receptionist. Wow...that changed my way of thinking on MANY things. We are such an instant gratification society...but I guess that can be another blog in itself:). Everyone should have the opportunity to do reception work for a will be life changing. I learned to pray for people that came in angry...and I learned that you shouldn't piss off the lady that handles phone calls...hmmmmmmmm...chew on that one:).The kids are fabulous. We went to Bishop's open house the other day and it was interesting. Should I be concerned that everyone referred to him as "Jedi Bishop"???? He is already doing 1st great work and reading like a champ...he is too smart for his own good. His computer teacher did comment on his vocabulary and if you sit down with Bishop for any amount of will understand...he is a mini adult in a 6 year old body. We got him signed up for soccer and he is excited to start that. Shayden is still a diva. She is such a toddler more baby:(. She refuses to learn her colors...we work on them all the time...I often wonder if she is color blind or if she just doesn't care. The entire world is purple...hmmmmmmmmmmmm. She is a "Bubba's" girl...she follows Bishop EVERYWHERE. Right now, they are sitting in the living room, together in the same chair, watching Clone Wars. She is becoming a Star Wars nerd in her own right...God help us:). She still has the same boyfriend and still insists on having a say in her shoes and bows. We are battling the word "no" and "I don't WANT to." She has more attitude than I can muster at times...I DREAD the teenage years!!!!!

I am still boring:). I am planning a trip to Albuqurque in April and Key West in June...traveling with Jodi of course. Gotta do something to stay young...30 is looming:).

Have a FABULOUS day...thank you God for Spring Break!!!!

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