Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dr. Feel Good

I have been struggling with a few things lately...well, I am always struggling with something...aren't we all:)? But my issues have to do with not having a job and feeling inadequate, living at home, the job interview process only intesifys these worries. You sit before someone and try to make yourself seem like the best person for the job...and then you wait. Talk about anxiety! I let it bother me far more than I let on...or even realize for that matter. BUT...God...in his amazing way...just keeps whispering in my ear...trust me. And how can I not...He has done amazing things in my life and Brad's in the last year...he is awesome. I read an article today in PARADE magazine. I am not a regular reader nor am I a big Dr. Phil fanatic...but the article that he wrote is a MUST read:


It is about dealing with the tough times many of us are facing. They can bring us together or tear us apart....READ IT:). The depression was a hard time...I have heard my great grandmother's stories...but the one thing great that came out of it was people coming together...is it too late for America to change?

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