Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh how HE loves us...

Sometimes I have to pinch myself.

Sometimes this life feels too good to be true. all just seems to be too well written. My life plays out like a story...with twists and turns that can be downright frightening and often times overwhelming. But soon enough the storm will quiet...things slow down...and in the hazy begin to understand. You can look back with eyes that can suddenly see better and realize that even in the midst of the was all orchestrated perfectly.

Never a coincidence...never an's always God.


I don't have all the answers...I can't tell you why parents abandon their children. Or why a young mother loses her life. I just know that in the midst of every trial...He is ALWAYS there.

I have already been blessed enough to witness the amazing transforming power of Christ in my own marriage and it was beyond amazing. But I lived I saw it through a microscope. It all happened in such a way that I didn't get to me mesmerized with the sheer glory and might of my Lord and Saviour.

But I got to stand back and witness this same amazing grace through a wider lens. I got to catch a glimpse of God's plan and purpose for my dear friends life come to fruition. God had shown her a part of the plan many months ago and she shared it with me. And today...he revealed the rest of the plan.

It made my heart LEAP...literally leap with joy.

I sat on the phone and cried...because I am immensely happy for her...and because it was just so AMAZING to be a witness to God's amazing power. AMAZING power.

I give praise and glory to God....I cannot even put into words how wonderful God's love for us is.

Have a blessed and wonderful day, friends....SEEK and you SHALL find:)

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