Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I said I was going to start making a list of things I want to help out my husband...which is probably a stretch considering he probably doesn't know how to find this blog anymore. But...I'm going to anyways...because it's fun and I can:).

There was a time in college when a girlfriend and I were really poor. And by poor I mean we spent all of our money going out the night before. But WHATEVER the reason...we were really poor so we called my roommate, otherwise known as the fabulous Jo-di, and asked to borrow her Sam's card. Sam's ALWAYS has good snacks at lunchtime:). She said yes, although she DID voice her concerns about our sanity. We got in just fine...I mean...I could borrow Brad's card and get in...they don't REALLY check. We grabbed our cart and decided to go "fantasy" shopping. In hindsight, I realize that what we did really upset the stocker who had to put it all back but we were 19 and stupid...and still...hyper. And hungry. So we grabbed a huge stuffed bear, plopped him down in the child seat and set out shopping. And snacking.

SO...this is my version of "fantasy" shopping without upsetting store clerks, stealing Sam's cards, and unfortunatly without the snacks. Will someone have a Scentsy party soon? I want snacks...

Here I go:

I want this necklace...which is already sold. But I want one anyways.

More next week...on Wednesday wants with Shana:)

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