Thursday, October 20, 2011

I don't have to be right...

I know that Brad and I are getting older. We have more aches and pains. We have traded in fancy date night outs for casual early dinners and a bottle of wine at home. I'm less worried about the high heels and more worried about processed foods. The other day we went out for brunch (see...we do BRUNCH for dates now:) and after being seated Brad said, "Could that girl's skirt be ANY shorter?" Yep...things have definitely changed.

I am also learning in my old age. I have always been a very passionate person. I have this burning desire to prove my point because you see...I am usually right. (That was REALLY sarcastic for those who don't really know me...we REALLY need a sarcastic font:) I am learning...prepare yourself...I don't have to be right. I don't have to prove my point. People can think I am wrong....they can even think I am crazy. I am learning to let them. Shocking, I know.
Now...if you want to come after my kids or husband I won't back down quite as easy...I am STILL a work in progress:). But as for me...I CAN BE WRONG.

It's amazing how not arguing has freed up a lot of time. I don't get on the Star Telegram site and comment anymore. I don't get passive aggressive on Myspace. YES, myspace...I told you we are OLD:) I am striving to be uplifting and encouraging even when what I want to do is stomp my feet and say BUT YOU ARE WRONG:).

God is good, friends. If he can soften my heart for his glory...he really can move mountains. Have a beautiful Friday and weekend...much love:)

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