Friday, October 06, 2006

A week in the life of...

I have been a blog slacker...why is it that sometimes I am a blog whore & other times I don't blog for days. I guess I don't have a whole lot to gripe about...HAHA...that was funny!! Actually, I have composed a few blogs in my head, they just never made it on here due to time constraints. Let's see if I can summerize:

* My husband is a TOTAL dork. Not only is he afraid of thunderstorms (I have his back on that one...if you had ever sat through a tornado at his dad's house then you would be scared too:) BUT he is afraid of roller coasters too. AND not just roller coasters...he won't even ride the parachutes or the big boat. Feel free to go have a laugh at his expense on his page:)

* Shayden is ROLLING OVER!! Whoo hoo!!! It is exciting & a bummer all at the same time. Now she can roll over at night & then she is WIDE times! She is eating baby food...but not well:). She now plays in her exersaucer which is nice because she can sit & play for awhile. She still loves music...all kinds. She sits in the sacuer beside the computer & listens to music while I type:)!

* Bish turns four this month...I am beside myself about this. He is getting SO is just so surreal that we have a four year old!! I feel like before I know what is happening, I am going to wake up & be 35 with a 12 & 8 year old?!?!?!?

* I am still here doing what I do. Working a little, cleaning a little, & entertaining children a LOT:) I feel like there is a lot of drama in my life lately...I am trying to weed through it & deal. I don't like drama...I don't have time for it. People should just be real...BUT..."Leave your worries with Him, becaues He cares for you." 1 Peter that is what I am trying to do!!!

* I am busy planning Bishop's birthday will be on Saturday, the 28th around noon so try to pencil us in. We will cook hamburgers & let the kids play games. Invites will go out soon. I am also trying to get stuff ready for Katie's wedding...anyone who would like to be creative with me is welcome to:)!!!

* Shadow now has a Myspace page...please go make friends with him:)

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