Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blessings abound...

Things are slowly settling down. And by settling down...I don't by any means mean SLOWING down...just getting back to the normal level of chaos that we are used to:). All but a few boxes are unpacked, our house is beginning to look & feel like HOME...it is a GREAT feeling! I walked in today & just felt HOME...I had to sit down & thank God for that. I wanted to sit down & just enjoy being home...it was a GREAT feeling!!! We still have many things we want to get done...I even want to get the downstairs bathroom painted before Shayden's birthday party...we'll see:)! And our new neighborhood decided to have a community garage sale THIS weekend so I even get to try to get rid of all the stuff we decided we didn't want...whoo hoo!! That was nice of them:! (If anyone reading this lives nearby & wants to add some stuff...call me.) We got our pool key in the mail today so I guess I have to go buy a swimsuit...ugh!!! We plan on hitting the pool most days this summer so if you are in the mood to swim...give us a buzz,..we would love the company!!

This blog is not without a favor. I have a prayer request for all of my prayer warriors out there. I was chatting with one on my bosses this evening & it came out that he has been diagnosed with cancer & will be seeking treatment at MD Anderson in Houston. I was very disturbed & upset to hear this. I have grown to like him a lot in the last year. It is early stages & he is seeking experimental treatment...please pray for complete healing and peace for him & his family. His name is David! I told him I would get my prayer warriors on the ball!!!

Thanks guys!! Have a fabu week!!!

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