Thursday, May 17, 2007

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1. Nickelback...can you say YUM! They are all gorgeous & they sound amazing!
2. Keeping with music...I have also discovered Fergie. My husband loves her for reasons other than her vocals but the girl can sing!
3. Big sunglasses...I can't wear them because mine are prescription (STOP...I know I am old!) but they are super fun!
4. Desperate is finally back on track...who will get married, who will split up? Will Gaby & Carlos get back together?!?! Hmmmmmmmmmm
5. Gaucho pants & babydoll t-shirts...a girl's best friend:)
6. is NOT all RAW people! Try it...if I can learn to love it so can you, I promise!
7. Gaudy jewlery...I say, the bigger the better. Fake is just as fun:)!
8. Wedge heels...I LOVE THEM! I have one pair and I want more.
9. Saturday night church services. It is SO much easier if you have kids. And the preacher doesn't have to rush for the next service!
10. Movie, drink, & watch a movie.
11. My girlfriends & I going out for a prom laugh but it will be a riot!
12. Chaise lounge chairs. I love next couch will have one!
13. Forever 21 baby clothes....Shayden can dress just like cool:)!


Renee said...

Great list!

Jennifer said...

Did you watch Desperate Housewives... WOW!!