Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The great state of Oklahoma

I just spent $45.00 to get an "official" copy of my birth certificate. $15.00 for the actual certficate, $10.95 processing fee, and $20.00 for shipping. WTF?! That is quite a racket, Oklahoma. No wonder you give away medical and childcare like it's nothing...SHEESH!

I haven't blogged in has a way of...happening I guess:). I got to take a FABULOUS roadtrip with LaShawn...there are pics in my photo albums. 6 hours to Lubbock on a Friday night, party like a rockstar on Saturday, 6 hours home on Sunday. WHEW:)! We ate, drank, and were merry with my other family and it was EXACTLY what I needed. Lyndon, you guys...seriously!!! Shawnee and I had some serious heart to was an amazing trip. *tears...:)*

I still have no full time job...or no oFFICIAL one I should say. I work full time hours...just with half the pay and no benefits:). I am trusting God on that one...truly given it to him. He will put me where he needs me...I am taking another certification test in March...we'll see if that opens some doors. I have started to worry at times and said...well, what if...but I stopped that and decided to have faith.

Bishop and Shay are doing really good. They are changing before my eyes and sometimes that kills me. Shayden is getting REALLY close to three and is just a minature version of is scary:).

Let's see...what else? I have all kinds of things planned for later this year. Jodi, Donald, and & are planning a "turning 30" trip to Mexico this summer...hence the $45 birth certificate. Lots of traveling...lots of time with the people who matter most...

Life is never without tragedy and turmoil and mine has been no exception. I have had a lot of things weighing heavy on my heart and God has really been convicting me about a lot of things. The preacher at our church is not afraid to step on toes and suffice it to say that he crunched mine pretty good:). Heart to hearts with Shawnee and Jo have also left me with a lot to think about. I'm not ready to blog it all yet but I am starting to make some serious changes....:)

A friend of mine recently asked why I blog? I have been blogging on blogger lately and after I received a pretty ugly comment I began to wonder myself. But the answer is is my vice. I don't drink (ok...I don't drink A LOT:), I don't smoke, I don't kick stray dogs...I blog:). I put myself out there...for everyone to see...the good, the bad, the insane:). And I guess I hope it helps others realize they aren't the only neurotic people in the world...I am crazy too:)

Happy Thursday my friends...I am off to play on mean...something cooler than that....:)

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Anonymous said...

Blog your heart out!

Our roadtrip did me good too!