Thursday, April 30, 2009

Don't you hate it when you realize your kids are smarter than you?!


I was running late this morning (I know...HUGE shocker:). I got Shayden buckled in the car, got it started, realized I couldn't find my cell phone (another big shocker...shut up:). I dig through my purse, look under the seats, and turn to Shay and say, "I have to run back in, I can't find my phone...I'll be right back." She looks at me inquizzatively and nods. I sprint back in the house and run around like a mad woman but find no phone. I decide to try calling it from the house phone...yes, I know I should have done that brain is FOGGY in the mornings. It rings and rings and I hear no phone. I decide to see if maybe I missed it in my purse...I mean, I don't think I WOULD but ya never know:). I throw open the car door only to hear Shayden say in a very mature voice, "Your phone is in the CAR, mommy."

"How do you know, Shayden?"

"It was RINGING."


One of those...duh was all very comical except for the fact that I was 15 minutes late.

TGIF friends...try to steer clear of the swine flu...

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