Monday, April 12, 2010

Brad & Shana...the Sequel


I get asked that a lot. Why? Why are you guys getting remarried? Why have a wedding? Why do we feel the need to try again?

As the date draws closer...I have asked myself why we are making a big fuss over our second wedding. We had was beautiful...and we got divorced. And was made plain to me AGAIN why we are doing what we are doing.


Our first attempt at marriage was a lesson in how NOT to be married. I believe that we loved each other...we just didn't know how to effectively communicate. And the fact that we were both stubborn and selfish in our own ways MIGHT have contributed a little...or a lot:). If you want to know exactly how to do it WRONG...shoot me an email:).

Why? Why did you get divorced in the first place? Maybe you slit up too fast? Do you regret it? What an expensive learning process?

Yep. It was an expensive learning process...we can't argue that one:). Do I regret it? NO. Never. Sounds crazy to most people but we had to hit rock bottom as a couple to truly become who God wanted us to be.

Our preacher did a sermon on marriage after we split up and we both happened to be there on that day. I say, happened...Brad called and asked to go to church with me. How do you say no to that?? I did not want to take that up with God so I said yes. My preacher looked directly at me and said, "God can save your marriage." I seriously thought I was going to melt into my seat...what?!? We are divorced, Pastor Rick, didn't you get the memo?? Hello, were there when I signed the papers. It is OVER. Done. The fat lady has sung and left. Our preacher went on to say that there is one thing God hates more than divorce...and that is couples that stay together for the sake of staying together. Which is what Brad and I had become....which is what a LOT of couples have become. I imagine I was not the only one squirming in my seat that day...

So...why are we getting married again?


We want to stand before our friends and family...our children...and show them what God can do in THEIR lives...if they just let him. He can move mountains...believe me...if you knew how stale our marriage had would know just how insurmountable this seemed.

No marriage is perfect and this one will be no different. We will face more trials and tribulation....I just think we have the right tools to deal with them now.

If I could give one piece of unsolicted marriage advice...I would take the wise words of a dear friend of mine. Bend your knees God doesn't have to break them. Ours were broken...severed. But they are healed by the one who took our place...:).

Blessings friends...we can't wait to see everyone on Saturday!!


LaShawn said...

Oh I am so excited!!!

Kerri said...

Amen, sister! I can't wait to rejoice in the Lord with you on Saturday! We are so excited and so in awe of our amazing Heavenly Father!

What a blessing it will be for us to get to be there...after praying for this very thing for so long! Love you guys and hope your week is not too stressful! =)

Renee said...

Well written. Love it!