Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One door closes...

...and another door OPENS!!!

Okay...sometimes we have to squeeze through windows...but you get the idea. God does not close one door without showing you a new door. One of my favorite sayings .

(*ahem* Lashawn. We DO need to have some door prints printed...but I digress...)

The door to my 5 year stint at McDonald's didn't just slammed shut. That is another blog in itself but regardless of how it ended, I was a little sad. I loved that job...I loved the kids, the people I truly was a job I enjoyed...and that I was good at. I was just a little broken hearted and at a loss as to what to do next. I still sub and I stay home for the most part...but I like having a LITTLE money that is mine...ya know?

God is good:)

I had heard of Scentsy for awhile but had just been ignoring it's existance:). I thought it was just another party or candle of the month. I just wasn't interested in ANYTHING with the word home and party. It wasn't until I was subbing for a teacher at my mom's school that I discovered what it was...and I was hooked:). I turned on that woman's Scentsy warmer and fell in love. No more stinky 7th graders:).

Anyways...I just wanted to share my new venture with anyone who happens to still read this Go check out my website or call me if you want to smell some of the scents. It really does sell itself. Not only does it smell is safe around kids, pets, and/or clumsy husbands:).

If you ARE interested in having a party...let me know. I am REALLY excited to have my first one!!! I am SURE there would be an extra treat for my very first hostess!!! *insert cheesy smile and doe eyes here*

Okay...I'm more sales pitch:)

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