Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summary post....

1) REALLY rough day that ended with child #1 throwing a fit for over an hour over PILLOWS.

2) Frustrated with smugness...hate it when people close to me hurt my feelers.

3) Bedroom furniture disaster today...stain doesn't match. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

4) The turtle Brad found and donated to Shyanne's turtle race won 1st place today...GO CARL:)

5) 9/11 is an emotional day...maybe that is part of my blahness. My heart aches for this country...

6) I shaved my legs...this is a BIG deal:)

7) I am seriously craving sushi. And a girls day...*ahem* Lashawn. (No they don't have to go

8) Homeschooling seriously. I love it. So glad I decided to listen to JC....amazing how he ALWAYS knows best:)

9) I am going to start a Wednesday want post on here...because there is so much I want and my husband needs ideas:). he checks this thing!

10) I am blessed and filled with JOY. Even on a bad day...when the external circumstances are icky...I am filled with Joy. God is good ALL the time.

11) I <3 whoever actually read this lame post...have a fabulous Sunday!

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Kym's Challenge said...

Such an inspirational person! God is good.