Thursday, September 09, 2010

So...I'm slow.
Yesterday I had kind of a crisis. Not an OH MY GOSH, we will NEVER survive, STOP THE VOICES kind of crisis. Just a minor, yet pivotal, little crisis in my own little world. You know...the world where I imagine I am a little pink sheep:).
I sat down and thought...I am happy. Truly happy. I love the man I remarried...I cannot even begin to express what an amazing husband he is. I love my kids...I love both of their little personalities and just am so thankful to be home with them. Homeschooling (and this is something I NEVER thought I'd say) is SO fun and I love it!!! Brad has a steady paying job...we don't have it all by any means...but we have each other and that makes me heart SOAR. And then it hit me...
Here's where the s-l-o-w part comes in. I believed (you can's okay) that my eggs are in BRAD'S basket. And I paniced. Because...what if Brad lost his job? What if I had to go to work? How would we homeschool? What would we do? Would we have to...I could go on FOREVER. I mean...Brad and I have been divorced before...come on. The doubt can seep in now and then even with the greatest man on earth. That's when it hit me like a mack truck.
My eggs are in HIS basket.
Not Brad's. Jesus's basket. And as long as they are in His will all be okay. So I settled down. I had a laugh with Brad in bed last night...talking about eggs and baskets. And I only made him promise to never leave me twice. You can laugh there too...we do:)

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