Sunday, December 10, 2006

Blogging Failure

It's true...I failed...BIG TIME!! I finally decided to quit trying. I will try again in January if Shawnee does...that would be a better month for me...less travel to the land of dial up:)!
I have new pictures but I probably won't get them up until tomorrow. I am tired and just on here to talk to myself for a minute. I am frustrated. I lOVE people...I love my family, I love my friends, I love people I don't know, I love...that is what we are commanded to do...Love one another. I do it because it just comes naturally for me. I realize that some people struggle with doesn't come naturally but still they make an effort to do it. I have discovered that there are people...even people who claim to be Christ followers...that just don't care. That's not fair...I can't say they don't but I can say that they don't make it seem as if they do. They are very blatent in there lack of compassion for me or my family. I find it hard to believe that there are people selfish enough to act this least to consciously act this way...but I guess I am naive. It is heart breaking...I don't even know why...I guess because you have certain expectations about people & after so many chances you give up & it is just a very sad thing.
Please forgive my blabbering...just wait until you get my Christmas letter:)! I just need to talk out loud & get a grip on my feelings. I am glad to be back to the land of blogging!!!!


Anonymous said...

glad you're back too...almost left a comment last night to make sure you were okay, but just as i was going to brent trumped my computer usage by needing to pay bills. =) looking forward to seeing you all in a couple weeks!

Lindsey D. said...

You are NOT a failure! You are just a busy mom. And when you take the challenge again in January, I will take it with you:)