Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Love is in the air:)!

Christmas is a time for LOVE.

"Let us love one another for love comes from God." 1 John 4:7

Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Christ. Love is the greatest of these & it comes FROM Christ...we don't deserve it...we haven't earned it...but we receive it anyways. It is our DUTY to share it...

I have finally realized that some people just don't know how to share it. They have no idea how to show love & compassion. Some people will always be inconsiderate. Some people will always think only of themselves. But it is my job to try to love them anyways...it is a STRUGGLE at times...but it is my duty...I CAN do it!!

It has been a productive couple of days...much cleaning, much playing, MUCH laundry:)! We have made cookies & worked on an activity book about the birth of Jesus. We have even sat down & watched Christmas movies! I am SO excited about Christmas!! Bishop is going to love it & I think Shayden will just be in awe of everything going on. We are all battleing allergies so please pray that they get better & not worse. My mom & I may leave earlier than expected...my great-great aunt passed away. Yes...double great...she was 95 years old. She has not known anyone for the last couple of years so I know she is in a better place & you know what? She gets to be with Jesus on His birthday...what an arrival:)!! We would like to be there for the funeral though so we may head out a day early.
These are the weeks pictures...Brad & I got a day off last Saturday. We went shopping & then to his company Christmas party where we left with some FABULOUS prizes:)!! We came home to an empty house & SLEPT:)!! On Sunday evening, we left Shayden with Brad's mom & then took Bishop to Six FLags for Holiday in the Park. We had a GREAT time there. I must go...lots to finish before Shayden gets up from her nap:)!!!

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Lindsey D. said...

And I thought I had lots going on. Wow!!! No wonder you stay so busy. See you soon:)