Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It has been a LONG day...one that is TOO depressing to even blog about. Bishop was a terror...Brad was a terror...Shayden was, well, Shayden which means HIGH MAINTENANCE:)! It is better now...I am home & it is time for all children to go to bed....yay!! (Forgive me for being excited:)! I did find a really cool thing for Bishop at Mardel...it is an "interactive nativity set." It comes with seven presents for Bishop to open & you tell him the story of Christmas as he opens them & places them in the scene...it is very cool & fairly low level. (Inexpensive too:)!We will start it after he gets out of the bath. I also approached my boss about working two family nights a month for a flat rate...he said YES & that means a little extra money next year...thank you LORD!! And I may even sub at the preschool...I have a feeling that next year may be BUSY!!!
I am off to start the nativity with Bish...adios:)!!

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LaShawn said...

We have to do Santa this week...hmmmm it might be interesting.