Wednesday, February 01, 2006


It's Wednesday...that means Small Fry day...yea!!! I love Small Fry! Technically it is work...I have to be there & do it but it is so nice. I have gotten to know SO many women through that program & made some GREAT friends. Today we made old fashioned Valentine's...the kind wih the little heart doilies & glue & construction paper. Fun times...we had 17 kids. After Small Fry, my girlfriend, Jennifer, & I have been taking our boys to this great little park down the road for about an hour. The weather has been BEAUTIFUL & they have a grown up swing that we can sit & chat on while the boys burn off energy!! We did that today & ended up staying almost 2 was just so nice & peaceful. Bishop played & played...he spent probably thirty minutes in the dirt just building snadcastles & playing with his new toy. Such a boy!! After that, we drove 15 minutes just to get sweet tea at Chicken Express (those familiar with this delicacy will understand:)! We got home around three and were sitting on the front porch drinking our drinks (he has a red slush & I was not allowing it in the house:) when the phone rang. We have a new cousin!!!! My cousin Betsy had her baby around two this afternoon...a boy named Morgan Wesley Reynolds. YEA...all are healthy & doing well. And so it begins...she is the first of all the prego's I know to have her baby:)! I can't wait to meet him. Betsy already has a 10 year old, Colby, & 4 year old twins, Calebi & Colton....needless to say she has her hands full!!
Since then, we have played trains, colored Thomas, & now he is watching (sort 0f) a Thomas movie:)!! The pictures are from the park...
Hope everyone's week is going well!!!

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