Monday, February 13, 2006


Well I think it has finally sunk in that we are having a girl! Brad is so funny about it...he is not sure about all the pink & foo foo stuff:)! He DID buy her a new outfit yesterday...her first camo suit. It is a camo onsie with ruffles on the butt & bows on the front. It is perfectly fitting that that is the first thing he bought her...he says he is "going to make her husband's life easy...she will learn to love hunting & they can do it together:)." RIGHT!

We did get a BUNCH of stuff from my cousin Lindsey yesterday...THANK YOU LINDSEY!! Such fun stuff...cute dresses & shoes....oh the possibilities??!!?!? I also went to Once Upon a Child last week & bought a few outfits & a kick & play. We are trying to accumulate a little at a time. Poor Bish...he is going to think that Shayden is a brat...but he was sufficiently spoiled this weekend too...his daddy is a SUCKER!!!!!!!!!

Not much new happened last week hence the no blogging. It was rather quiet around here & I like it that way! We go to the doctor this Thursday for my regular sonogram & appointment. I think that if the due date is confirmed we'll go ahead & pick the official date. Whoo hoo!! That will give me something concrete to aim for:)! OH...I guess Tuesday is V-day...oops! Bish will have a party at school...those are always fun:). I think we are going to have people over for poker...nothing mushy here. Brad bought me an ice tea maker yesterday & baked me a cake so I am guessing that is my Valentine's...I really need to go get him something!!!! I think we will go out this weekend, my mom is going to take Bishop on Saturday for a Bishop & Nana day...I have no idea what we will go do?!?!? We're so boring:)!

Bish is whining in the other room so I should go...Have aGREAT week:)!!!

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LaShawn said...

My mom is on strick orders to buy the first girly pink Tech outfit she sees for Shayden :-)