Saturday, February 18, 2006

Disturbing pattern

I am discovering a pattern...I have only been blogging on Monday's & Friday' days off. I am hoping to do better next week. It is hard to blog about an entire week in one entry...this is a BUSY family:)! As you can see from the pictures, Bishop had a Valentine party at school this week. I didn't get to take any pictures at the actual party because it got started late & I had to go back to my class but I did get to go for a little while. It was such a sweet day! The kids were all passing out their cards & getting excited about one was upset...just pure joy!!! I wish they could all remember how it felt & grow up & spread the joy like everyone!!!
It was very neat. We waited until Brad got home to go through his "loot!" He got so much was like Halloween all over again. He loved it though!!

Bishop is at my parent's house right now. My dad is in NC for work so my mom met us last night to take Bishop back to her house. We met her at the mall so he got to play & "smash the bugs" on the video game thing & then they went home to play trains:)! We got to go on a REAL date...dinner without having to tell someone (no names:) to sit down or stop coloring on the table:)! It was NICE!! We then came home & Brad did homework!! Romantic, huh?!?! It had to be done though so we could go run around today. THAT'S RIGHT!! We get to spend the day shopping without Bishop...what will that be like?!?!?

I will post more pics tomorrow. We got Shayden's bedding in & put is so cute...the pictures don't do it justice. OH - we went to the doctor on Thursday & had a sonogram. She is still a girl:)!!! And they checked everything just like Linda did & it was all still looking good. So...yea!! Bishop was quite disappointed when we left, however. When Mommy told him that we were going to get to see the baby...he assumed we would be taking her home. Oops...I forget that he takes things very literally. We did go upstairs to see the real babies in the nursery so that appeased him for the time being. He wants to do that everytime now...go see the babies:)!!

I guess that sums up the week. I am sure I forgot stuff I wanted to say...I WILL do better:)!!!
Happy Saturday:)!!

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LaShawn said...

I am so glad the bedding was pretty. The pictures looked gorgrous. Exactly what I would have picked out for a girl :-) Glad you guys got some kiddie free time. It is always a nice treat!