Saturday, April 01, 2006

Golfing Lesson

I guess Brad decided it was time to teach Bishop about the joys of golf. The other day we found Bish a Snoopy driver...not the plastic kind...the REAL deal:)! So, the boys went out into the front yard to hit a few balls. Bish had a REALLY good time...he thought it was TOO cool to hit balls off of a little "stick." He also thought it was really cool that you didn't have to retrieve the balls...Shadow did it for him. Everytime Bish hit the ball...there went Shadow to hunt it down:) ! It was all very comical...until Brad nailed Shadow in the head with a ball!!! Brad looked at Bishop & said, "Let's see if Daddy can hit Shadow." A JOKE!! He hit the ball & that time Shadow DIDN'T wait to go get the ball he went after it mid landed....hard...on Shadow's poor little head:(. We heard a whelp & a few whines & Shadow quickly retreated to the porch to his mommy & proceeded to NOT leave the porch for the rest of the day. Fun was had by all...even Shadow until he got nailed;)! Here are some pics....hope everyone is having a good weekend!!!!

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