Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Welcome to the Baker Zoo!

I have been wanting to blog about this all week but I have been waiting to get some good pictures. I still haven't gotten GREAT pictures but I will post the two I have. We are now the proud owners of two baby goats. Yes...GOATS!!! Brad has very little spare time these days & with a new baby will have even less so he thought it would be nice if we had some goats to "mow" the backyard. The goats were delivered on Sunday afternoon & the first thing they did was take a bite of should have seen the light shine in Brad's eyes...a proud papa;)! The dogs were NOT excited but seem to be adjusting. The goats are scared to death but they will adjust too....they are slowly venturing out into the yard. If I wasn't so pregnant I would go outside & spend more time with them but as it is...they will ALL figure it out. When Brad opened the crate to show Bishop his Easter present, we asked him what they were? He said, "goats," and then looked at Brad & said, "I really wanted tigers though, Daddy."
So here are the two pictures I have...I will try to get some better ones. They are super cute...:)

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LaShawn said...

I wanna come play!!!