Monday, April 03, 2006


The nursery is FINISHED!! Well...not completely. We don't have it all set up & organized but it IS painted & the trim is painted & up! YEA!!! Brad worked HARD on Saturday trying to get it looks so GOOD!!! THANK YOU BABY!!!! I will post pictures when we get it all set up...there is still work to be done. The bed is completely covered in toys & I still have to find a place for all of these clothes. I DID clear a space for bottles & paci's in the kitchen....that's progress no matter how small, right?!?!?

I was on a weird rampage this weekend....pregnancy causes nesting which can be CRAZY. I decided to go ahead & clean out Bishop's closet....why?! Who knows...I decided it was the thing to do. I got rid of everything I thought he couldn't wear next year. Oh's done I guess & now I have LOTS of baby hangers. OH...I guess I did it because I needed to see what all he needs in the way of clothes this summer. He is pretty good....we need some socks & maybe a few more t-shirts but he is in good shape. Imagine that...Bishop has a closet full of clothes:)! I also decided to get busy on photo albums....I only have ten weeks left to get caught up. Tammy - your room is a mess but I will make a space for you:)!

Today is for resting & maybe some work on photo albums. I have to run to Wally world for a new computer mouse...mine is dying:(! This has been such an interesting blog....sheesh!!

Brad is still out of school this week so we will hopefully tackle some more projects around the house....Bish's toy room is still a DISASTER! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!



LaShawn said...

I am not really nesting, but my comfort level took a huge nosedive in the last few days...

Jennifer said...

Well, i'm not pregnant but I AM nesting... how crazy is that. You should've seen me on Sunday. I was on my hands and kneed scrubbing baseboards!:) I can't wait to see Shayden's room.