Monday, October 08, 2007

Rule #1....Post to both blogs...CHECK:)!!!

It's official...the blogging challange has begun. Shawnee & I are going to post a blog a day for one month...starting today. Anyone else care to try!?! Hopefully it will help my stress level & I can start sleeping again:)!!! I am also giving up bread as of today. Not all bread products but plain bread...buns, rolls...even the homemade bread my neighbor mad:e:(
For my first blog of the challange I am going to just catch up on a few of the things I have WANTED to blog on but have not had time...
** Shopping with children sucks. Capital S. It is a sure thing that at least one, possibly two, will have a HUGE humiliating melt down. And everyone will stare & you will want to melt into the floor. You swear that you will never do it again but another Monday rolls around & you must & thus begins a pattern that ruins your Monday forever. I will have nightmares about today's shopping trip for AWHILE!!!
** There is NO such thing as customer service anymore. Cashiers are rude, service people ignore is truly sad. It makes me scared to think about how rude people will be in twenty more years.
** Hillary Clinton is a smug wench. I can't stand her...she was on tv the other day spouting off, "When I am president," SCARE BEAR!! Surely America is not that stupid....
** Save the Cupcake...Save the World...
** I have quit watching the nightly news. It is far too depressing. I miss the weather & I actually miss staying caught up on stuff but it seriously makes me depressed to watch it. There is way too much evil & hatred in the world. Let's start passing kindness & love forward, okay?!?!
** My neighbor is making some CUTE barrettes! The little kind that snap shut & hold the hair out of their eyes but they are wrapped in ribbon & have bows....they are FABULOUS! She is selling them for $4.00 a pair & I highly reccommend them! She sells bows too and she momograms anything...
** Shameless plug number 2...Brad is trying to meet a sales goal. If you or anyone you know needs pest control...please call or reference him. He will work with your schedule & he just rocks:)!!!
** Bishop will be FIVE at the end of this month!?!?!?
** Please continue to pray for our troops....they need it!!!!!
** I am done...I better save somthing for tomorrow!!
I LOVE YOU GUYS...seriously....I am passing the love you pass it to someone else!!!


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Your youngest is gone Shawnee and you are stillup after midnight. SHame, shame.

No bread. Ugh.