Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm a believer....I'm in LOVE....HEY

We went to church tonight which is something that we have neglected. I have many excuses & they are just that....excuses. We need to get on the ball and find a church closer to our home but alas if we aren't going to do that we just need to get our butts to we did:). Something that I have realized in the last few months is that people are becoming SO busy that we forget that we are here for a bigger purpose. Work is necessary...but people just seem so involved in SO many things. Most churches don't even have Wed evening activities for kids anymore because people are just too busy. Too busy for God?!?! I am looking for a church that will get us involved there....children activities, sports. I want our lives to be centered and focused around CHRIST. Not football on M-F and dance on T, TH, S...I definitely see a place for all of these things but these things should not be consuming our childrens every waking moment outside of school. WHEW....I will step down now but that is just how I feel & I am tired of apoligizing for it. That is what I belive. My son will play sports in the spring but it will not consume all of his time ( Please no hate mail...I am not knocking anyone on this...activities are important & I encourage them...some people just take it a bit far!) . And we will STILL have dinner together!!!
Our preacher preached about God...shocker, I know;)! But he reminded us that God never leaves anything incomplete...he ALWAYS finishes what he started. When we are in the middle of trials & tragedy...we can't see the finish line but he does. After it is all over we look back and say...OH, I get it. So this is for my friends who are hurting right now. You are NOT in a sinking ship...and it is okay if you panic...God has the paddles & he is rowing to shore & He can do it without you. He can do it without me...we are right there with ya:). But in 6, 8 months...maybe even a year...we will all look back & say, Gosh God rocks. He NEVER quits:)! I love you dearly my friends....
AH...sappy, huh? Well, I needed to say all of that. I am going to try to start an interesting new ministry...thanks Shawnee. Your goofiness has inspired me:)!
Have a FAB evening:)! HUGS!!!!!!!

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LaShawn said...

And the church said Amen!!!!

Thanks for today!