Sunday, January 08, 2006


If you aren't from Texas (which I think most that read this are) then you don't know that Texas is being ravaged by wildfires ALL over the state. It is a very scary & tragic thing. Whole towns not far from here have been wiped out completely. So, in response to our church wanting to sponser a town that was completely demolished & my mother here to help....we cleaned out our closet. I got rid of a LOT of clothes & shoes & even purses. And you know what....besides helping my fellow man, it feels GOOD to have a little less stuff. My parents our going to come here next weekend to help us clean. We have GOT to get a little more organized if we want to fit all things baby into our home. So, they are going to come help because they love us...aren't they great?!?! (And because they have to haul it all off...we have NO trash service:)! It is such a releif to know that my house will get a face lift next weekend!! For those who truly know my know that my house will be SPOTLESS before she leaves. I can't wait!! The real challenge will be cleaning out the study/nursery...we have the computer out but the cabinets are FULL of stuff. And we have to clean out the kitchen cabinets. Andthe bathroom cabinets....and the list goes on. Basically it will be spring cleaning get ready for a new family member:)! Speaking of the computer being is now in the living room on the FABULOUS desk that Brad & my Dad built this weekend. It is the first thing you see when you walk in the house & it is beautiful. They did a great job & we are one step closer to having the nursery cleaned out. It was a long weekend....I didn't feel real great. But we had fun & it was certainly productive. Church was SO wonderful & uplifting....I can't even express how much it recharged my heart. SO...I leave you with my favorite new quote which is posted on my front door...

"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God."
Corrie Ten Boom

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Summer said...

I love that quote! Hey, can I be your mother's daughter for a weekend? My house needs a facelift too! LOL.