Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year!!!

It's January the third & I am just now acknowledging that it is a wonderful New Year....that is probably a good indication of how the rest of the year will go...trying to catch up:)!!
We had a great New Year's. My girlfriend from Midland, Robin, drove in with her son Caiden & her fiance drove in from Austin so that we could meet & get to know him. It was a WONDERFUL weekend!! We really didn't do much but lounge around, play games, & hang out. I think Caiden is the only little boy on the planet that can keep up with Bishop's pace so they had a blast & entertained each other. Robin & I did have an exciting Saturday...we went shopping for her wedding dress!!!! Brad & Trent took the boys to Chuck E. Cheese & the park & Robin & I went shopping!!! That is her in the wedding dress though it is NOT the one she picked. I made her try that one on just for a laugh:)! What's sad is that I do not have one picture from New Year's Eve. We were such dorks....we barely made it until midnight. We were all ready to crash long before 12. It was a great weekend & it was hard to say good bye...at least when they move to Austin they will be closer. It was really nice to get to know Trent too...Robin, you did good!!

Monday was Brad's birthday!! Whoo hoo!!! The big 2-8!!!!!! We went & met my parents at Salt Grass for dinner, cake, & presents. A good time was had by all. Birthdays get less & less exciting as time goes by. Bishop looks forward to his for months, we decide the day of to go have dinner. Such is life I guess:)! Brad had a good time I think!

Brad...I know there wasn't much in the way of gifts this year....I thank you for being a wonderful husband & father & I know that someday in the future we will make up for these times!! We have come so far in the last four years. You have to admit it has been quite a journey:)! Maybe a LONG one but a journey either way!! You are my rock, what keeps me grounded. Thank you for being the man that I need & loving me through my faults!! I love you.....

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